FOLLOWUP: Why SW 112th quarantine site was chosen, and 3 other sites announced

That’s video of today’s King County briefing on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, concluded a short time ago. Along with announcing new cases, and new recomendations, more quarantine sites were announced – modular housing in Interbay and North Seattle, like what arrived at 206 SW 112th in Top Hat yesterday, and a motel in Kent. King County Executive Dow Constantine also addressed the concerns over the Top Hat site, saying it was chosen because the county owns it, it has utilities, and it can be set up quick.

(WCN photo from Tuesday)

You can advance the video to (updated) about 11 minutes in, to see what he said. Today’s other King County announcements are in this news release.

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5 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Why SW 112th quarantine site was chosen, and 3 other sites announced”

  1. “It has blacks, Mexicans, and all the expendable nonwhites of the rainbow!”

  2. So the county has owned this property all this time and could not do something constructive for our residents? We are a diverse community and feel we are being dumped on, mostly because we are unincorporated, we also have absorbed the highest percentage of low income housing in King County. We need to vote for politicians who will work with all of our residents and stop using as a dumping ground

  3. Below is a link to the petition that was started if you have concerns over the location in white center.

  4. Marlene Allbright Says:

    No other property owned by King County has utilities?

  5. It’s horse poop , we have entire military housings abandoned with full utilities in Seattle , we have an entire island just off of tacoma with its own ferry medical center and water and power plus an insane amount of rooms , previously used to house the sexually disturbed .

    It would have been easy to have moved people in and treated them well and safely .

    It is obvious to me this is a strategic move to help spreed it faster , setting up units in an area that has a high vagrant foot traffic and only feet from low income housing ?! You couldn’t ask for a better way to spread a virus , while trying to look like your helping . Well done scum bags .

    Vote them out ! Or sacrifice your loved ones and futures .