UPDATE: Suspects sought after shooting in White Center

11:29 PM: Deputies are searching for two suspects after one person was shot near 16th SW/SW 106th. All we have right now is via the scanner – no information yet regarding circumstances or the victim’s condition, but we’re continuing to monitor.

11:58 PM: Update from KCSO: “A male in his twenties located with multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to HMC by (Medic One) with life-threatening injuries. Major Crimes en route to the scene to investigate.”

11:43 AM UPDATE: Turns out the shooting was actually kitty-corner from Taco Bell, in the supermarket parking lot. An update from KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott:

On 06/03/2019 at about 11:20 PM, an occupied vehicle with 4 people was in the parking lot of the Saars Market at the 10600 BLK 16 AVE SW, White Center. Two suspects approached the vehicle and at least one started shooting at one of the male occupants inside the car. The victim, an 18 year old male from SeaTac, was struck multiple times. Both suspects fled in a vehicle. Detectives hope to be able to release a vehicle description later today.

The first Deputies on-scene provided first aid to the victim until King County Medic 1 arrived. Paramedics were able to stabilize the victim and they transported him to Harborview Hospital in critical condition. As of this morning, 06/04/2019, the victim remains in critical condition at Harborview.

At this time it is unknown if this was a gang related shooting.

King County Major Crimes detectives continue to investigate this incident.

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10 Responses to “UPDATE: Suspects sought after shooting in White Center”

  1. I heard the gun shoots called it in.

  2. Live a few block away. Sounded like an exchange of gunfire…several shots from possibly more than one weapon.

  3. I saw a police car in the middle of the road right outside my apartments and he was telling someone to put their hands out the window and to step out slowly and to turn around and spread his legs.

  4. I would take a guess two people from different gangs that don’t get along with each other . But feel the need to live the lovely thug life here in white center . Most likely don’t know jack squat about the gun they where firing or have any real sense of how a firearm works and how far rounds that miss the target can travel or even care about this. Because it’s all about thug life and killing the person that upset over the smallest thing in life . Owe did they rip you off on a drug deal did they scuff your shoe did they look at your girl are they a part of a different gang .

  5. I heard 1 shot followed by 4 or 5 shots. I then called the police and while I was on the phone, saw a someone running south very quickly on 17th.

    I hope the victim is alright and I would like to find out more about the situation.

  6. This definitely was gang related. I am disgusted

  7. Christina Kindwall Says:

    Why is there not an update from King County Sherriff on this? No description of suspects or vehicles involved, when there must have been cameras in Saars parking lot to capture the incident. They must know what the suspects look like and what the vehicles look like…
    I would expect for King County Sheriff to offer an update with more details two days into the investigation.
    Innocent people could have been hurt in that parking lot and as patrons of that business, we deserve to know the details of their investigation.

  8. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I attended a community meeting recently where we were told they were “working on getting the gang unit up and running.” Well work harder. We hear about these shootings weekly in White Center and 1) get NO updates on them whatsoever and 2) still HAVE NO GANG UNIT! Families, children, disabled, elderly, mothers, fathers innocent people trying to get through daily life, live in this community and have to currently fear for their life going to simple places like the grocery store or Starbucks because of all these damn shootings. WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?

  9. I’d expect updates would be available at the regular KCSO briefing at the NHUAC meeting, which as previously previewed is tomorrow night.

  10. Angela Kay Lamb Says:

    Why was there no update at the meeting? Or anywhere? I don’t understand