More drive-by gunfire on 16th SW in White Center

Deputies are investigating drive-by gunfire for the second time in 3 days on 16th SW in White Center. This time, it happened closer to SW 100th; investigators are parked further north in our photo because they were checking cameras on businesses further north, as the vehicle from which the shots were fired – believed to be a “black car” – was northbound. No injuries reported, and no damage found as of when we talked to investigators, who said they had no indication whether it was or was not related to the gunfire on Saturday.

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3 Responses to “More drive-by gunfire on 16th SW in White Center”

  1. White Center Raised Says:

    This is insane! How much worse is it going to get before something gets done about it? Again. White Center has and will always have a rough side but the POS’s doing this are getting more careless or bold, not sure which. Either way it’s a scary thought. I grew up in White Center and still live here. I never used to be worried that I was going to be in any real danger. I watch my surroundings. I don’t put myself in situations that could get me in trouble. But just driving down the street on a Saturday afternoon on my way to the grocery store is putting my family in danger now. Something needs to be done. Now.

  2. What do we know about these two shooting . All we know is there was one car hit the other day and no one hit in this one .

    Now we don’t know who did or why . We can all guess most likely gang members issues with one another . We have a issue here in white center and burien ,south park and all around . With people that think living the thug life is the only way to live . Unfortunately these people seem to love starting drama and using firearms (mostly stolen) to handle issues then create more drama .

    What can we do what can the police do . Some might even be your teenage children trying to impress so called friend’s . But of course they don’t act that way in front of you . How do you handle that type situation in today’s age of not being able to discipline your child in any way or form . With out CPS calling or making a visit to your home . How do you keep your child from falling into that path in life .

  3. The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council (NHUAC) works to bring a voice to White Center, Top Hat, Beverly Park, and the other unincorporated neighborhoods between Burien and Seattle. NHUAC meetings are held at the White Center Fire Station (1243 SW 112th St.) on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm. Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office and other King County government offices often participate. Everyone is welcome. Please watch for the meeting notice on White Center Now and join us on May 2nd.