Shooting reported near White Center Starbucks

Several readers asked us about a report that someone had been shot earlier today near the White Center Starbucks. The business closed early, apparently as a result.

We hadn’t heard anything about it until those inquiries so we checked with King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott. Here’s what he found out: “Around 12:35 today, we had multiple callers stating someone was riding a bike near SW 100th and 16th Ave SW and they fired a gunshot, striking another person. We arrived – didn’t find a victim or suspect. Later a victim showed up at Highline with a gunshot wound to his leg.”

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4 Responses to “Shooting reported near White Center Starbucks”

  1. Violence has been escalating at this location in the past several weeks, and this is in part to the “Philadelphia Policy” of permitting loitering. Gangs of violent teens have recently set up shop there. Recently a barista was assaulted (punch to the face), a cistomer was robbed of a laptop in the store, fights have broken out, and today a bullet went through the window. Baristas have quit due to anxiety and fear for their lives. It doesn’t seem that Starbucks corporate or the new manager are willing to take the side of the partners’ safetly.

  2. Is that 12:35 am or pm? Pretty disturbing either way, but especially if it’s in the middle of the day. I wonder if the person shot in the leg knew who pulled the trigger?

  3. It had to be 12:35p. I was away at the time but when I returned home there were still helicopters circling the area at 3:45pm! I’m only about 3 blocks away and like to walk to this Starbucks with my toddler when the weather is nice so this has me a bit worried. Although I’m sure it was not a random shooting (they rarely are) or else the person would’ve waited for medics/cops it still has me anxious as a stray bullet like that could have if anyone :(

  4. Wow Diana, that’s so scary! My Dad and his wife bring my toddler and 9-month old when they watch them in the middle of the day, so it’s SO unnerving that this is happening in broad daylight when non-violent people and children are just trying to enjoy their lives. We live closer to Taco Bell, but are seriously considering moving because of all of the shootings and stabbings lately. I hate to pick up and leave because there are a lot things about the community we love, but I strongly dislike the thought of my children so close to this violence.