Camp Second Chance: What’s next

Notes about the Seattle-sanctioned encampment just over the line from North Highline, Camp Second Chance (9701 Myers Way S.):

-The encampment’s Community Advisory Council meets this Sunday at Arrowhead Gardens (9200 2nd SW), 2 pm. The meeting is scheduled to run no longer than 3 pm because it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

-If you are interested in the camp’s future but weren’t at either of two West Seattle meetings last week and haven’t seen our coverage on West Seattle Blog, here are the links: The Westside Interfaith Network‘s meeting for camp supporters (Monday, January 21), and the Highland Park Action Committee‘s meeting for community comment as it decides whether to support an extension (Wednesday, January 23rd).

-If you have a comment, the city says you are welcome to send it to – no timeline yet for decisionmaking on a possible extension but one is promised “soon.”

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One Response to “Camp Second Chance: What’s next”

  1. I feel bad for the influx of homeless who must live in tents, but the area is an eyesore and living over 30 years in White Center, I wish the area could be worked on to attract the wildlife, such as foxes, etc. Why not move the camp to the Arroyos in Arbor Heights. Our area is overburdened with encampments. I bet if this were moved to Arroyos you would not hear the end of it, but this may prove social injustice that shows higher income areas have a stronger voice than lower.