UPDATE: Opening day for Macadons storefront

2 AM: Another opening – thanks to the tipster who let us know that Macadons opens its storefront today. This is the macaron maker at what for a brief and bright moment was Mardi Gras Donuts, at 9828 16th SW. It’s been in operation a while without retail, and today that changes, 10 am-9 pm, with a free macaron promised to everyone who shows up!

8:48 PM: Thanks to Gill for the photos added above and below:

He adds a rave review: “The two we tried – Durian & Lychee -were as the old saying goes ‘to die for”. Absolutely amazing.”

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One Response to “UPDATE: Opening day for Macadons storefront”

  1. The pictures on the website made me crave a macaron. Welcome!