WHITE CENTER WEATHER: Wednesday night power outage

6:18 PM: More than 3,800 homes and businesses are without electricity as a result of the storm – starting in southeast White Center and vicinity, as shown on the map above, and heading south into Top Hat and part of Burien. Any other storm effects in WC/North Highline? Let us know, text/voice 206-293-6302.

7:21 PM: Most have their power back, according to the City Light outage map – which has only about 200 customers still out of electricity.

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2 Responses to “WHITE CENTER WEATHER: Wednesday night power outage”

  1. Welcome to unincorporated King County. We still live in the Stone Age. Hello and Ugh! Come sit by the campfire since we’ve got no other way of getting warm in this ghetto.

  2. Since our electricity comes from SCL that covers Seattle & ours in unincorporated KC and Puget Sound Energy covers other areas in KC I do not understand your statement.

    White Center/North Highline is a great place to live and enjoy life as we have known for almost 20 years!