Need a better connection? Check with the library!

Announced by the King County Library System:

Have a mobile device, but no Internet access away from home? KCLS can help!

Beginning May 3, patrons can check out mobile hotspot devices from six King County Library System locations in a new pilot project funded by the KCLS Foundation. For the next six months, the Boulevard Park, Burien, Foster, Greenbridge, Valley View, and White Center libraries will offer WiFi hotspots for 28-day check outs, including cellular service by AT&T. Approximately 200 units will be used during the pilot program. These tools enable Internet access on the go, from any place within range of AT&T mobile service.

The hotspots are free of charge, with a few special rules:

*They cannot be put on hold
*First come, first served
*They must be checked out and returned in person to one of the participating libraries
*28-day checkouts with no renewals
*Internet access will be disabled at the end of the 28th day
*10¢ per day fine for late returns, and replacement costs will be charged for lost devices
*The device containers will include operating instructions in several languages, and each hotspot can connect up to 10 devices at a time. A troubleshooting number for patrons to contact AT&T for any assistance needed. KCLS staff will not provide tech support for these items.

To learn more, search the KCLS Catalog for “KCLS Hotspot” at

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