Sheriff’s deputies search for burglar(s) in White Center

We got a question about King County Sheriff’s Office activity in the 6th/106th area. Just checked and we’ve learned it was a search for burglar(s) in the neighborhood. Though a K-9 team and helicopter joined the search, no arrests, and some of the units are starting to leave. We’re also seeing via Facebook that Cascade Middle School was in a modified lockdown for a little while earlier this afternoon, and believe that was the same incident.

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3 Responses to “Sheriff’s deputies search for burglar(s) in White Center”

  1. Meanwhile, the next day... Says:

    There was another helicopter buzzing around Westcrest Park and Roxbury area today, Wednesday around sixish give or take an hour.

    So, another day another chase. What’s today’s search?

  2. Only a TV chopper and we have no idea what it was about. Looked on the ground too. No one reported ground activity.

  3. I saw that helicopter while I was outside gardening. It very slowly came southward through Highland Park following exactly over 13th Avenue, then appeared to turn and hover over Roxbury around 11th or 12th.