Update: Fireworks-stand robbery attempt, followed by helicopter search

12:10 PM: Lots of questions about what apparently was Guardian One, the King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, over White Center early this morning. KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West confirms it was related to a robbery and is working to get us additional information. We didn’t get messages until it was over, so we wanted to invite you again to PLEASE text or call us at any time, round the clock, when you see potential breaking news, because more often than not, finding information later is all but impossible – 206-293-6302 is the number that will reach us no matter what, no matter when. Update when we get it!

7:48 PM UPDATE: Busy day for KCSO so Sgt. West just followed up with us – the helicopter search followed a robbery at the West Seattle Rainbow Girls’ fireworks stand at 16th/100th in White Center. The stand’s not open that early in the morning, but a volunteer was in a car nearby, keeping watch on the stand, when, Sgt. West says, someone approached and, at gunpoint, demanded money. No money, said the volunteer, but the would-be robber wouldn’t take that for an answer and got a key and tried to open the stand – when a deputy arrived. The search/pursuit followed, and a 16-year-old was arrested and booked into jail, while three accomplices remain at large.

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One Response to “Update: Fireworks-stand robbery attempt, followed by helicopter search”

  1. Any description of the 3 at large. I saw 3 shady looking kids that I didn’t recognize from the neighborhood hanging around my place on 17th & Barton this morning. They were lighting off fireworks at 8am.