White Center Weather Watch: Tree down on Ambaum, just south of WC

4:25 PM: Thanks to the tipsters who let us know about a tree down on Ambaum around SW 116th. We’re en route to check it out. Not sure yet how much it’s affecting traffic. Updates to come.

4:57 PM UPDATE: The tree is down in the southbound lanes just south of SW 116th. When we were there a short time ago, people were being diverted around that area. In our photo above, that’s the tree to the left of the view – you can’t see the trunk, just the big leafy top.

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3 Responses to “White Center Weather Watch: Tree down on Ambaum, just south of WC”

  1. AreaDriver Says:

    It seems Ambaum’s been closed northbound somewhere around SW 120th. Also, is there a news or other helicopter in the area? Just heard about this via a phone call from someone driving there.

  2. the tree is no more , the tree service gave a short floor-show to the patrons of geno’s cleaned the mess up and raced off to cleanup another errant tree.

  3. Dick Thurnau, M.Wollam Says:

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