Rat City Records and Relics: Grand-opening day/night!

In the heart of downtown White Center, Joe is playing guitar – in honor of a brand-new music store, run by his son:

Inside, behind the counter, here’s Joe’s son Brian, who just opened Rat City Records and Relics today at 9632 16th SW and is having a grand-opening celebration till 9 tonight. As noted in our original report two weeks ago, the relics include music memorabilia and old guitars:

You can find RCRR on Facebook, here.

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5 Responses to “Rat City Records and Relics: Grand-opening day/night!”

  1. This is a great new store. Love the concept and Brian (not Charlie) the owner. :)

  2. Sorry, thanks, I got “Charlie” stuck in my head for some reason – my husband shot the photos, corrected me, and there I went and typed it anyway. Fixed.

  3. Tell everybody not to tell anybody that really cool things are happening in White Center. (It’s a secret! Pass it around.)

  4. Christopher Nice Says:

    Congratulations from me and Cleo!

  5. Here’s a fun Date Night itinerary that includes RCR&R. Check it out! http://apassionateplate.com/white-center-field-trip-date-night/