If it snows – will bus riders be stuck? Reader’s letter

An anonymous White Center Now reader shared this:

Here’s an email I sent to KC Metro Transit:

Last year, Route 128 ran on the incorrect Snow Route. It traveled along SW Roxbury St. and 4th Ave SW, avoiding the correct Snow Route along 8th Ave SW and SW 108th St.

This stranded some thousands of people for two days in a row. Those affected included the Boys & Girls Club and community center, King County Library, Nia Apartments senior housing, Greenwood development residents, a large elementary school, a county public health facility, White Center Food Bank, and all residents and businesses in this area.

1) Why did this happen?
2) What will happen this time around?

Thank you for your attention to this problem.

Forecasters say the chances of snow this winter are dimming – but that won’t make the reported problem go away. We’ll let you know what we hear about followup.

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