Update: ‘Rave’ planned for tonight at ex-Club Evo is canceled at last minute

5:50 PM: Until just a few hours ago, an all-ages “rave” dance party at the former Club Evo in downtown White Center – first reported here two days ago – was still on. But now, it’s been announced on the event’s Facebook page that due to permit problems, it’s canceled. One person discussing the cancellation on that page says the organizer “was told the new building had permits and it didn’t.” (“New” building refers to the fact the event had previously been scheduled for another location.)

Separate from the moratorium that expired in August regarding nightclub licenses in the area, there also had been a permanent injunction against the site opening without problems including fire-safety concerns being issued. We don’t yet know the specific circumstances of how this got canceled at the last minute – or why it was even scheduled at the almost-last minute in the first place – but will add whatever else we find out.

6:10 PM UPDATE: County Councilmember Joe McDermott, who we’d contacted two nights ago after getting a tip about the planned party, said the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office confirmed to him that “the lack of business license precludes events such as tonight’s party at Club Evo” and says the Sheriff’s Office had contacted building owner Alfredo Lopez after hearing about the plan, “informing him that the club could not operate.” KCSO is keeping close watch on the situation tonight, Councilmember McDermott adds.

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7 Responses to “Update: ‘Rave’ planned for tonight at ex-Club Evo is canceled at last minute”

  1. Thank you WCN for bringing this to the community’s attention. And thank you to all involved for moving so fast during this Thanksgiving weekend to resolve this issue, at least in the short term, concerning this problematic business.

  2. One of these days people are going to run out of reasons to shut down a good time.

  3. Yeah. Cuz, ya know…waiting until 200-300 MINORS were already on their way to said neighborhood, with NO WAY to reach them, on a friday night, to shut it down, was obviously the best way to handle the situation.

    Shouldn’t that count as a few hundred counts of criminal child endangerment?

  4. Any endangerment involved here could have been the case if that building had been opened to anyone of any age doing anything – it has been closed by court injunction for a year and a half. No movement toward reopening it for anything was to have been pursued, authorities promised the community, without advance notice, safety inspections, etc. If anyone had googled “Club Evo” they would have come up with numerous references to this, as it received a significant amount of news coverage here and elsewhere last year. We didn’t hear about this till Wednesday night, after the government offices were all closed for the 4-day holiday weekend, or else we would have investigated sooner, and maybe the organizers would have found out sooner that what they thought was an available building, wasn’t. When everything opens up again on Monday, we’ll be following up to see if any permits even had been applied for.

  5. @ Me – 200-300 minors with “NO WAY” to reach them, are you joking? Cell phone, man!
    Child endagerment charges, what?
    How about charging their parents for child endagerment for letting them go out to an all ages event in White Center!

  6. I was wondering about this. That place was supposedly not up to code when it was closed down. How on earth could it legally be used now on such short notice.

  7. I’m relieved that this event didn’t take place. I don’t miss the gunshots, gangs and sirens that surrounded the place when it was Club Evo. Thanks for covering, Tracy.