Murder victim Margaret Ryan’s son charged in her death; $2 million bail

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has announced that it’s charged 42-year-old Brodie Lamb with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his mother, White Center writer/community advocate Margaret Ryan. He is in jail, bail now set at $2 million, with arraignment scheduled on November 29th at the King County Courthouse downtown.

Court documents say that after he called 911 to say he had killed his mother, the operator told him to put the knife in the freezer – and that’s where deputies found it. He is reported to have told detectives that he became frustrated when his mother would not let him in her apartment – from which he had been “trespassed,” in other words, officially ordered not to return, months earlier. So he kicked in the door, got a large kitchen knife, and killed her. Deputies say the door frame was broken completely away. Autopsy results show that Ms. Ryan, 69 years old, was stabbed 18 times, and had wounds on her hands and arms from trying to protect herself against the attack. Court documents say Lamb was found guilty of assaulting his mother in 2008, punching her in the face while she was driving him home. He also, as we reported earlier, has a record of other attacks, with victims including a jail guard and an elderly landlady.

As reported here earlier today, a gathering is planned Monday night for community members to start planning a tribute to Ms. Ryan – details are here.

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One Response to “Murder victim Margaret Ryan’s son charged in her death; $2 million bail”

  1. Poor Margaret. :( God rest her soul.