Update: Woman stabbed to death in White Center, son in custody

(STORY UPDATED WEDNESDAY with information on suspect’s record)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:58 PM: A helicopter’s been seen over the area, and we believe it’s linked to a stabbing reported at 13th/100th in White Center. According to King County Sheriff’s Office via Twitter, the suspect is the victim’s son.

6:14 PM: Lots of officers – and media – there, our crew reports, including KCSO media liaison Sgt. Cindi West, so we will have updates from her shortly. She had reported originally that the victim was undergoing CPR. This is at the Unity Village complex that opened a year ago.

6:18 PM: Sgt. West (above) says the victim is dead. She is 69 years old and lived at the complex. Her 42-year-old son is the suspect; he reportedly was visiting, and Sgt. West says he is the one who called 911 to report he had stabbed his mother.

11:59 PM: The suspect has been booked into the King County Jail. A quick check of court records shows that his background includes assault and domestic-violence cases. Court paperwork is not available at this hour, though, so we don’t know if any prior cases involved his mother.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: So far, the cases we have reviewed included guilty pleas to assaults on a jail guard and a 75-year-old landlady – these in the past few years. In the court documents for the latter case, a girlfriend was quoted as describing the suspect as “paranoid schizophrenic,” and there are other documents mentioning mental-health commitment situations.

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2 Responses to “Update: Woman stabbed to death in White Center, son in custody”

  1. i love how i can come here to find out whats going on right after it happens. i live on 10th and roxbury and for the life of me. i was sitting outside and i could not figure out what that helicopter was doing! thank you for the quick information!!

  2. God. This is kitty corner from my house, which you’d see if were not for the first responders’ vehicles in the photo.

    So, so sad. :(