TO ANNEX OR NOT? YOUR VIEW: From Eduardo Brambila, against Burien annexation

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Sunday, we extended an invitation for anyone – organization, business, private citizen, etc. – to submit for publication their pitch for why voters should go their way in the vote on whether Burien should annex most of the rest of North Highline. No negativity about the opposition or why the other view is wrong – just, why you believe your view is right. We have received six essays so far, the first four from Burien-annexation supporters, and the following is the first from someone who opposes it. We’re still accepting essays (that follow the rules) through Tuesday afternoon. Please send to – thank you!

By Eduardo Brambila
Special to White Center Now

Dear undecided voters,

This annexation process has been very difficult to understand at times. As a small business owner here in White Center, I was extremely anxious to find out what all this meant. I have spent MONTHS researching, reading up on what annexation in the area means, asking folks from BOTH sides to describe to me how this WOULD AFFECT ME.

From the anti side, I heard a lot about taxes going up. Now, as a just-starting-out business.. of course extra taxes will make it tighter on my budget. I’m working on improving my shop’s appearance and upgrading equipment to provide better and more efficient services. The pro side mentions better representation at City Hall; that very much interests me.

But after some more thinking, I wanted to see how this would affect our community as a whole. And I must say, our community is filled with diversity, cultures, and very large economic gaps. My background is only part in the graphics business, I’ve actually dedicated quite a few years in public health and community organizing. From working with homeless folks to folks in recovery. Aside from me considering the factors in how it would affect my business, I really care about how it would affect those folks we provided services to.

With all (the) research I’ve done, I cannot see how Burien has the capacity to provide the much needed services White Center needs. It’s just not adding up. Many folks want to “kick out the drunks on the street,” which quite frankly doesn’t just happen overnight. PLUS, you have to consider where some of these folks would be going. If that means jail… you’re GOING to pay for that.

I’m for a stronger, more supportive community, and I just don’t believe being incorporated into Burien will provide that. I am NOT advocating for Seattle, let’s be clear. I’m for us staying as we are on the map, and work together as a community to revitalize this area. If Burien down the line can give us a better plan and MORE services, then hey.. maybe then. But right now it just doesn’t seem plausible. And from what I understand, they cannot force us into annexation (nor Burien – nor Seattle).

I love this area, with its quirks and faults… all in all. I’ve been in the area 10+ years and I want to see it improved, and that’s why I am voting AGAINST ANNEXATION and I urge you to do the same. Together we can we do better.

-Eduardo Brambila
Mago Designs

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9 Responses to “TO ANNEX OR NOT? YOUR VIEW: From Eduardo Brambila, against Burien annexation”

  1. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …for social services..this impacts me as a homeowner, move your business to Rainier Valley, Bell town, near Harborview, near downtown shelters. This is a family neighborhood, your grassroots belong elsewhere. Though I appreciate your honesty, I choose not to take any of my business to support those who advocate for neighborhood decay.

  2. Will all due respect @dollarsfordollars I’m not advocating for neighborhood decay. if people were less invested in just themselves, perhaps there wouldn’t be such harsh neighborhoods. People migrate and move, there aren’t many places left for them to do that. You can keep trying to shush them away OR you can be part of the solution in helping them out of their situation.

    I would think if you are a family person and want a family neighborhood, you would be an example to the kids that you help those in need. Why continue the discrimination.. it hasn’t gotten us anywhere. And quite frankly, I believe it’s time for more grass roots organizing in White Center, you can’t rely on police to do the work for you. If you studied up on how to fix a neighborhood.. you’d know places like this do NOT improve with simply more police. There are too many diverse cultures and low income people living here. They revolt and it becomes worse.

    Don’t kid yourself.. this isn’t Medina or Mercer Island… you can’t sit all high in your pretend throne thinking you’re above all of this.

    I could easily say you advocate for discrimination of low income communities and you just don’t care about your fellow human kin. Grow a heart. Sounds like yours has decayed. Not nice to hear huh?

  3. I cannot see how doing nothing helps the neighborhood either? King County has made it clear they cannot support White Center at the level they need. How is King County going to provide service at the level that your research has found necessary? You can’t keep kicking the can.

    If Seattle is the answer, I’d be doubtful. Seattle doesn’t seem to have much love for South Park, Georgetown and Highland Park.

    What is the other option? Seattle doesn’t want to and can’t do it. Burien actually wants to annex. Why would you fight this? Is it purely Taxes?

  4. Eduardo thank you for participating in the debate. I disagree with DollarsForDollars. I would like all businesses who are interested in the success of White Center to thrive.

  5. I took over a business that has been here for more than 15 years. Previous owner was extremely involved, with the chamber of commerce, a union representative and more.

    In the short time I’ve been here, we’ve been able to help with signage for a local food bank, the roxhill renovation project, casa latina, approving ref 74, and quite a few other causes. And were only just getting started. We’re dedicated to the revitalization of this community. I can only thrive if my neighborhood does as well!

    Expect more help coming from us in these coming months! =D

    Looking at the budget for social services Burien has and is proposing, it doesn’t seem plausible. Then you consider some of the non profits in the area NOW are receiving money from Seattle, if they loose this.. Burien will not be able to supplement that.

    And it’s not just taxes, you consider the dispensaries. They actually bring a lot of business to this neighborhood. I’ve heard of folks coming all the way from north gate, they come and spend their money here. Burien would not allow dispensaries. Personal feelings on Marijuana aside, we need more folks out of white center shopping in our area.

    I’ve always been amazed at how many of my clients come from tacoma, kirkland and even everett because they appreciate our customer service

  6. I must say that dollarsfordollars has no idea what kind of Community Supporter Eduardo is. Mago Designs donated T-Shirts and printed tons of signs for PENNIES to the Roxhill Castle build. Did you come out and build the park dfd? White Center is an awesome place and by not supporting it now as it is, I can’t imagine that some magical thing will happen if it is annexed by Burien. Dollarsfordollars needs to move to Queen Anne.

  7. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …see, you are prejudging me….you don’t know my struggles with my income or health or my culture. The criminals keep getting monies and addicts can relapse multiple times and get help, but those poor souls with health issues are turned away. Yet, while the advocates call us discriminatory if we do not see their ways, and only their ways.

  8. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …dispensaries will conflict with federal law, but then no use to follow laws and just run amuck. If you don’t smoke pot and brain cells are in tact, then I hope the DOJ will have some say. I see know what it means that our neighborhood is going to pot, God Help us.

  9. I don’t know what you’re health or income situation is @dollarsfordollars, if not well, I’m sorry to hear that.

    In regards to your previous comment, I truthfully just don’t understand what you’re trying to communicate. But if you feel judged, don’t think it’s from me. My comments were to show the lack of empathy your initial comment had portrayed. You very clearly judged these other areas.

    I don’t understand your comment about folks being turned away with health issues.

    And if you’re someone who isn’t in the best place, I would think you’d understand grass roots organizing efforts are meant for those who need the most help and are most discriminated.

    None the less, looks like Annexation is on path to NOT pass. Early to be concrete, but looks like it’s headed that way. I wish you good health and stability @dollarsfordollars, that’s all I was really trying to say I wished for this area.