Dear everybody who cares about this area’s future: An invitation

You might call this a White Center Now editorial, though we don’t take positions on political races or candidates.

With less than three days till voting ends and vote-counting begins – if anyone hasn’t voted, those who feel passionately about Burien annexation, for or against, have very little time to make their point one last time.

There are people on both sides, deeply invested in this community’s future, eloquent, caring, hard-working.

We invite anyone on either yes or no side, whether you’re formally affiliated with a group or not, to write a pitch for votes and send it in for publication here on WCN – a pitch why you believe your position, yes or no, is superior, and why it would mean the best possible outcome for a citizen of North Highline. As long as it doesn’t make an attack on anyone – in other words, your argument about why your side is best CANNOT include “our side is best because the other side XXX” – and sticks to what is positive about your position, we’ll publish it.

So far, we’re sorry to say, we haven’t received anything along those lines from anyone. We have been semi-bombarded, otherwise, with reports and contentions about signs and where they are and where they are not. We don’t have independent corroborations of anyone’s contention – no “caught in the act” video, etc. – nor do we have the time to stake out to see what’s really happening. We also have received a thing or two about some sort of past grudge or squabble.

We have covered elections for 30 years, big and small, in four states. What people want to know is “what will you/this do for me,” from your side, about your side.

This election is about the future of thousands of people. Not about what happened last night or last year.

If anyone wants to talk/write about the future, we’re ready and waiting to publish that. Short or long.

Thanks! – Tracy Record, White Center Now editor/co-publisher

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