1st-ever summertime lunch meeting for White Center Chamber of Commerce

Aileen Sison shares the announcement:

At last! Summer’s here!

W.C. Chamber of Commerce proudly invites you to attend our first-ever summer luncheon on Tuesday, July 17th, noon-1:30 pm, at Mac’s Triangle Pub, 9454 Delridge Way SW, for a lively discussion of current events, announcements, and resolutions. Please join us and share this information with those who care to learn about and become involved with our vibrant community. We look forward to your presence!

P.S. A drawing of prizes will occur at the end of the meeting’s agenda. Prizes welcome — bring your coveted items and gift certificates to add a little fun and excitement!

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One Response to “1st-ever summertime lunch meeting for White Center Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Argh, I want to go to this so bad, but I work downtown. I wish they would hold these meetings after the work hours (for most people) so more people could attend. I want to join the Chamber and attend the meetings but it doesn’t look like I’ll ever be able to unless I take time off from work. Wish I could be there, can’t wait to find out the result! Keeping my fingers crossed for Rat City!!