Reception this afternoon for White Center CDA’s outgoing and incoming leaders

From Mikel Davila at the White Center Community Development Association, word of a 4:30 pm reception at the Greenbridge community’s Educare Building (625 SW 100th) to bid farewell to departing executive director Aileen Balahadia and say hello to her successor, Sili Savusa (previous WCN coverage here). The reception is scheduled to last till 7 pm.

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One Response to “Reception this afternoon for White Center CDA’s outgoing and incoming leaders”

  1. I would question who is funding this what appears left based association. What is there to be proud about expanding full time employees? What has this association accomplished for promoting all of us residents and quite targeting just “low income”. Even so called middle income barely scrap by, and they don’t get the social services support either because of financial guidelines or they are the “wrong” race to get support. Remember to vote, I have a feeling that this is the trickle down effect of stimulus money that you and I so called “non” low income generations will be paying for.