Annexation discussion on Seattle City Council committee agenda

Last year, when a Seattle City Council committee reiterated that it didn’t plan to pursue annexation of White Center (and other parts of mostly north North Highline), even though their city had dibs on the area, and gave Burien their blessing to move forward if desired – which of course Burien did – they also committed to make a once-and-for-all “is Seattle interested, or not?” decision by the end of February 2012. (Here’s our coverage of that meeting from March 2011.)

Now, with February 2012 almost over, an annexation discussion is finally coming back before a Seattle City Council committee. This Friday, 2 pm, the Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations Committee, chaired by Council President Sally Clark, has this item on the agenda:

Annexation Policy-Consideration of Council’s options regarding potential annexation of portions of North Highline, South Park and the Duwamish Triangle.


Presenters: Kenny Pittman, Office of Intergovernmental Relations; Rebecca Herzfeld, Council Central Staff

The meeting is at Seattle City Hall, viewable live online via We will be checking with Council President Clark’s office to ask about specifics of the discussion.

12:34 PM UPDATE: According to Dan Nolte from Council President Clark’s office, the entirety of this discussion will be focused on the White Center/Boulevard Park/etc. portion of North Highline – “sliver by the river” and “Delta Marine” will be addressed at a later meeting. Here’s the agenda for Friday.

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2 Responses to “Annexation discussion on Seattle City Council committee agenda”

  1. Do we want to be part of Burien? I don’t.

  2. I do