Happy 2012! Two new WCN features for the New Year

Before we get too far into 2012 – thank heavens for the “bonus holiday”! – we wanted to thank you for your support and collaboration in 2011 here on White Center Now. Over the course of the year, this site alone served 162,327 pageviews (per Google Analytics) – an admirable increase of 40 percent from 2010, and yet still fairly modest, but understandable given that there’s not much on this site besides news on the home page, and we seldom use the “jump” feature in stories, so most of the time, 1 visit to WCN equals 1 page viewed. There’s still lots of room to serve you better, so we have just kicked off the New Year with two features that WCN readers have been requesting:

One is a mobile-friendly design that should kick in any time you want to use your smartphone to check WCN – it’s the same one we’ve been using for the past few years on partner site West Seattle Blog. (If you want to keep using the regular desktop look on your smartphone, next time you read WCN on it, just scroll down the page till you see the button that will allow you to turn the mobile design off.)

The other is an events calendar. We had one in the earlier going, but dropped it for, well, lack of events. White Center has a LOT more going on these days – live music, multiple business-networking organizations with monthly events, a monthly Art Walk, we could go on and on. So we’ve installed a new calendar with some cool features – find it at whitecenternow.com/calendar, and check the link anytime from the “Pages” list on the left sidebar. We have several events there now and are adding more. You can click on any event to “expand” it for more information – and if you then follow the “read more” link on the right, you will go to a full page for that event including a Google Map. Other features too; it defaults to the “Agenda” list format, which doesn’t really involve “agendas,” but if you prefer a more classic monthly calendar look, you can choose that instead.

Now, here’s where YOU come in – PLEASE SEND EVENT INFO as soon as you know you’re having an event; whitecenternow@gmail.com is the best address to use. Thanks, and we wish you a healthy/happy 2012.

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One Response to “Happy 2012! Two new WCN features for the New Year”

  1. I love the new mobile-friendly design. Thank you so much WCN.