Uncle Mike’s Superlicious BBQ closed (temporarily) after kitchen fire

We went over to Uncle Mike’s Superlicious BBQ in White Center after finding out via the restaurant’s Facebook page that they are closed temporarily because of a small fire. Co-owner “Uncle Mike” Gordon explained a grease fire broke out in their smoker; he had it mostly put out even before the North Highline Fire Department crew arrived – but since it’s the weekend, they won’t really know before Monday what they need to do for repairs and replacement, so they don’t know how long they’ll be closed. Mike and his spouse/business partner Elizabeth Gordon want you to know nobody was hurt – they’re OK, and their dining room is undamaged:

The restaurant at 9640 16th SW has drawn rave reviews – not just for its barbecue, but for other menu items like fried chicken and vegetarian options – since its opening almost a year ago.

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3 Responses to “Uncle Mike’s Superlicious BBQ closed (temporarily) after kitchen fire”

  1. Sounds like we going to have even more smoke in our BBQ. Just glad no one was hurt and they will be reopening as look forward to more of their good food and cheer.

  2. AHneighbor Says:

    I walked by yesterday with my Full Tilt ice cream cone. Will definitely watch for the reopening to come back and enjoy the BBQ and other recommended menu items! Hoping for simple, speedy and inexpensive repairs!

  3. If you need any help for cleanup just post a holler and a time and I will be down!