Students introduce you to White Center neighbors: First, meet Anab Abdullahi

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are honored to be able to publish, starting today, several stories written by local middle-school-age students, introducing you to neighbors you may never have met. They wrote the stories as part of a White Center program affiliated with Neighborhood House, working with literacy/writing coach Norma Andrade, who asked if we might be interested in publishing them here. Answer – of course!

By Yasin Ali-Halane

Anab Abdullahi is not short or tall. She is just the perfect height.

She smells like blooming apple blossoms. She loves working with children, and is as quiet as a summer breeze. She is a very smart and strong person.

The tough experiences she went through as a child and a young adult made her tough. One of the things that made her stronger is, when a civil war broke out in the early 1990s, she fled her home country to avoid the violence. She moved to Rome, Italy, and lived there for about 6 years, studying medical books in her house near the Roman Coliseum. She was studying to become a doctor in the U.S.

She later decided that she needed to move to the United States because most of her family had moved there after the war. She didn’t want to leave Italy, but felt as though she should, to feel the warmth of her family. So she left.

She moved to Richmond, Virginia, right near Washington, D.C. She stayed with her family nearby. She stayed there for about 4 years, and finally moved to settle in. Now that she resides in Seattle, she works at Harborview Medical Center as an Interpreter.

She also works in Mount View Elementary School, through the Family Connections Program. She feels it is a great way to help Somalian families who live in White Center. She is a caring woman with three kids of her own. Oh, and her home country is Somalia, and I’m her son.

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One Response to “Students introduce you to White Center neighbors: First, meet Anab Abdullahi”

  1. I have known Anab for quite a while. She was actually the youngest student to graduate fom the Somali National University School of Medicine barely days before the somali civil war erupted. Anab is exceptionally brilliant and a role model for the struggling somali families in the diaspora especially in places like Minnesota, Ohio and Seatle,Washington. Anab is truly an inspiration. Somali communities across the States need strong woman like her.