State suspends health-care provider who volunteered for Evergreen HS

This is a somewhat tangled tale – a 36-year-old man who worked for Highline Public Schools providing first aid at sports events, and also had volunteered with Evergreen High School, is now suspended by the state Health Department because of allegations of sexual misconduct. Our partners at the Seattle Times explain the story. And there’s more information in this HPS news release, which says the man was let go as soon as the district learned about allegations against him:

Highline Public Schools is investigating allegations that Jayson Boehm, formerly employed as a substitute stadium manager, provided health care to student athletes without appropriate medical supervision. Upon learning of the allegations, the district terminated Boehm’s employment and barred him from school property.

The allegations against Boehm came to light through two sources. A school nurse alerted her supervisor when she noticed that Boehm had written a medical excuse for a student. At the same time, a King County Sheriff’s detective alerted the district of their investigation into allegations that Boehm inappropriately examined an athlete in a Police Athletic League competition. The athlete is an adult and not a student.

The King County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Health have been investigating Boehm’s conduct. The district is cooperating with these agencies and has launched its own investigation, taking the following actions:

1. Identifying an outside investigator to continue the investigation.

2. Contracted with WIAA to conduct a full audit of the management of high school and middle school athletic programs and pledged to fully comply with the recommendations of WIAA.

3. Placed the district athletic director and a high school athletic director on administrative leave until the conclusion of the investigation.

4. Informing parents of all students who received physicals from Boehm. Parents of students participating in spring sports were immediately informed by personal phone call.

5. Arranged for all affected athletes to receive physicals from the Highline Youth Health Center at district expense.

“Student safety is our highest priority,” said Superintendent John Welch. “We are committed to making any changes necessary to ensure the protection and well-being of all students participating in our programs.”

As a substitute stadium manager, Boehm was to provide logistical support for activities at Highline’s Memorial Field. He had also been contracted to provide first aid at athletic events and to give first aid training to coaches and PE teachers, which he was qualified to do as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. Boehm had also served as a volunteer for Evergreen High School athletic teams.


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