Hang Around Bar & Grill court hearing: Short reprieve

Just listened in on the King County Courthouse hearing in which the Hang Around Bar and Grill operators (see earlier coverage) challenged the property owner’s attempt to evict them immediately. They won a bit of a victory – while the owner and her lawyer contended that they had no landlord-tenant relationship with the Hang Around, court commissioner Carlos Velategui said the fact that the landlord had taken a rent check from operators Joe and Glennis proved otherwise. However, he found no evidence that they had a lease – just a month-to-month relationship – which means, as he vigorously noted several times, they can be given a 20-day notice to get out, provided they pay the March rent; if they don’t pay that rent, they can be given a 3-day notice to vacate. Given the owner’s repeated insistence that she wants them out, Velategui said, he wasn’t quite sure why the case had come before him, but the couple contended they were hopeful that community support might convince the landlord to let them stay. The landlord’s lawyer told the couple’s lawyer, standing before the judge, he didn’t care what the community thought, his client wants them out. We’ll be checking to see what happens next.

ADDED SATURDAY: Joe posted this today in the comment section following our original story:

THANK YOU !!! Everyone for your support and your Friendship that i never expected from such a great community. SPECIAL THANKS TO… Traci, Heidi, Bob,Richard (Papa’s Pub),Mac (Triangle Pub), Liz (CDA) and especially Gerald Robison (our Gracious and most professional attorney). WE hope and pray that this comes to a good resolution and we continue to stay in White Center. I know this is just the first step, but i was told by Glennis for me to step back as SHE will now handle this (with the women in the community). when i saw them gathering last night at the Hang Around in the Dart room, i was even afraid to go in there as they were meeting about the court and landlord situation. So, again, Thank you, Heidi, Liz and Glennis. (The Women took over and im not gonna go near that! Just to show that the Women in the community is not to be recon with. (smiles and grins). Thank you everyone for your help and friendship.

Joe & Glennis


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One Response to “Hang Around Bar & Grill court hearing: Short reprieve”

  1. I can’t help but feel there’s more to the story. Why enter into a tenant/landlord relationship without a lease? Did the landlord offer a lot of latitude/promises and renege? If so, all the more reason to get it in writing.

    I hope this works out for Joe & Glennis, all the same.