New owners of the Hang Around say “Thank you”

A week ago, the new Hang Around Bar and Grill (at the site that used to be The Wall) had a “recovery party” after word of a break-in. Owners Joe and Glennis have since sent this. (Highland Park resident Dina Johnson was among those at the party and shared the photo above, with Hang Around visitors enjoying darts.)

Thank you for all of the community Support on our recovery party last Friday.

Since then, we made some changes. We added a new wooden Dance Floor, Took out one pool table for room for
tables and chairs. The Stage (was expected to be) complete this week.

Dart Leagues Started…and we’re winning….YAY!

We are auditioning Bands, (smooth Jazz and Blues) to play at our location two days a week.

Two other days we plan on having Comedy Night(s) with live comedians and music.

Mondays will be Karaoke night and Thursdays will always be Ladies night. We recovered….Thank You!!!!

Oh yeah! ….Thanks for the Pizza was GREAT!

We want this place to be for the 30 and over crowd. That is our goal. The Hip Hop music is Dead in our place and the Old School music is demanded. So Thank you everyone, The King County Sheriffs office, The Community, The West Seattle Blog [White Center Now publishers] and all of our friends….Thank You!

~Joe & Glennis
(Owners of the Hang Around Bar & Grill)


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One Response to “New owners of the Hang Around say “Thank you””

  1. And thanks to Joe & Glennis for a fun Superbowl party. “Who Dat?”