Friday: A rare look at what’s happening in Afghanistan – besides war

From South End Neighbors for Peace:

Is military escalation the path to peace? What would victory in Afghanistan, look like? Come find out why one brave woman is stepping up her work educating Afghan boys and girls. Find out what she thinks of the troop surge. Julia Bolz will update us and show slides of the schools she’s built, the charming kids who attend them, and the village elders who work with her in rural Afghanistan. Friday evening at 7, January 22, at Saint Francis Parish Hall, on 152nd Street and 21st Avenue in Burien. Enter parking lot from 20th Ave. Refreshments will be served, and there’ll be a bake sale. More items for bake sale are welcome! (come early)…and bring ball-point pens, which are hard to get in Afghanistan, for us to mail to students there. Learn more about Julia’s work and how you can get involved: Donations are tax-deductible.

Contact: Annie Phillips, 206-275-1393
Sponsored by Southend Neighbors for Peace, and St Francis of Assisi Parish Social Justice

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