KUOW to look at the North Highline South Annexation tomorrow

If you’re near a radio – or near a computer with speakers! – in the 9 am hour tomorrow, check out KUOW, which will take a closer look at the North Highline South Annexation. I’m scheduled to be among the guests on behalf of WCN; according to KUOW’s website, Burien City Manager Mike Martin and former NHUAC president Gerald Robinson will be on the panel too. Any points you think should be made? Anybody else you know will be on the show? Please post a comment (or e-mail us at whitecenternow@gmail.com) – thanks!

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5 Responses to “KUOW to look at the North Highline South Annexation tomorrow”

  1. There were comments made by Neil who called in to the radio interview today stating that many groups in Seattle opposed annexation to Seattle due to concerned Seattle City resident’s questioning Seattle City Government about spreading their funding to thin when their own communities are currently underserved.

    A comment was made in return to Neil’s comments that much hadn’t been heard about that issue other than from one Seattle City Council Member Tom Rasmussen answering to his residents in regards to how their own services would be affected and so forth. This has not been the case.
    In fact the Seattle Community Council Federation that is made up of over 100 different community groups and entities in Seattle wrote a letter to Seattle City Council and legislation opposing Seattle annexing North Highline due to financial reasons and the letter is on public records. They were also concerned about Seattle monies being spread to thin in the respect that their own City lacks services. They also have a statement on their web-site that states the following;
    Burien Annexation:
    The mayor will try again for legislation that will provide a subsidy to Seattle in order that it may annex White Center/North Highline. A draft letter was circulated asking Seattle area legislators to reject the proposal.

    In addition to The Seattle Community Council Federation the Northeast District Council submitted a letter also opposing annexation for the same reasons; they represent over 20 different groups and business organizations in Seattle.

    Members of the Maple Leaf Council have also expressed the same.

    The opposition of Seattle annexing North Highline by Seattle City Residents, Business Owners, Community Groups, and Community Organizations do exist and are not just coming from Seattle City Council member Tom Rasmussen.

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting.

    We have covered almost every community council/association meeting in West Seattle over the past two years (with a handful of misses) for West Seattle Blog – and what I said during the radio show today was that it hadn’t come up much in those groups in that time, at least not in open discussion in those meetings.

    I don’t pretend to be able to address what position other communities outside West Seattle have taken on it, although I did open a topic on West Seattle Blog earlier this morning asking for opinions on annexation, if you would care to say anything there, nor can I speak to what has been discussed pre-2007.

    Meantime, if you have a copy of that letter, I would love to publish it, so that it’s on the record here too (or point me to a weblink):

    I have just tried a websearch and haven’t found it. I did find the brief mention of the request for the sales-tax-subsidy proposal to be opposed; that passed.


  3. Hi Tracy,
    I merely stated what other Seattle Organizations, Seattle Entities, Seattle City Resident’s, and Business Organizations have submitted in writing to legislation and to the Seattle City Council verifying their position on annexation. I wasn’t pretending either. They are in the records of the Seattle City Council Archives. Two of the letters I have sent you the other will be on the way when I locate them. Thanks for sharing all the info you do, it’s very informing.

  4. Marlene Allbright Says:

    Off topic, but there is a power outage in North Highline running from Glendale Avenue South to Seola Beach affecting 3,000 people.Seattle City Light gave no reason for the outage.

  5. Marlene, thanks, I didn’t see this till just now and I just got e-mail from someone with the tip so have just posted a couple of items – there’s also one in Burien but that one’s blamed on a fire. The WC-Seola-etc. one is listed now as 4,000 customers.