Puget Sound Park off the sale list: Greg Duff’s postscript

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We want to share this letter, sent to us as a followup to yesterday’s report (and our previous coverage, archived here). We appreciate WCN being included in the kind words – we were somewhat latecomers to the issue, but will continue working to do a better job, day by day, covering the news that matters to White Center. From Greg Duff:

When Ron Sims sent Rod Brandon and Nori Catabay to the NHUAC meeting to inform us about the possible sale of Puget Sound Park to build affordable housing, I think maybe they thought they were going to get a free ride. I think they were trying to slip one past us by letting us know that this could not possibly happen before the annexation vote.

Imagine our surprise when just a short time later King County put out a Request for Qualifications to buyers for the Park. Ron Sims underestimated the power of an irate citizen. I think Ron Sims is shocked at how smart North Highline people are.

The NHUAC mounted a campaign to inform the King County Councilmen of what was happening. Mike Martin, City Manager of Burien, went to bat for his town. The White Center Now blog did what a good free press should do and informed the public exactly what was happening.

Because of these efforts, the park was pulled off the list of potential sale sites. This is a great day for the little guy.

I would like to personally thank the citizens of North Highline and Burien who got involved and fought against this injustice. I would like to thank Mike Martin. Mike is truly a good man with a heart for his city. No society can truly be free without a voice from the people and the White Center Now blog is that voice. I would truly like to thank the members of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council. These volunteer citizens are out there fighting for you. I am proud to be able to serve on the council with these fine people.

Thank You
Greg Duff
NHUAC Member

We have lots more to write about regarding the people of White Center continuing to work hard for their community, and are always honored when you choose to share information with us at White Center Now: whitecenternow@gmail.com.

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