Seattle Times Gives Thumbs up to White Center Food

The Seattle Times has a piece that profiles five of our many wonderful and diverse eateries and markets.  Herein are excerpts from their piece:

White Center looks more like the south-end version of Seattle’s Chinatown International District every time we visit — only more diverse, with Halal meat markets and Latin American cuisine.

Lately, though, foodies have discovered White Center as the go-to area to pick up exotic spices and ingredients, especially if you want to avoid the traffic and crowds at the ID on weekends.

Nice that they noticed, but they should have mentioned the wonderful food at El Paisano Restaurant on 15th Ave. SW – just across from the Bartells.

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2 Responses to “Seattle Times Gives Thumbs up to White Center Food”

  1. And what??!?! No mention of White Center Supermarket?!?! They missed that I guess. That place is where it’s at….


  2. Hey, the food and selection really rock! Selection is comparable to ID but parking is heck of a lot easier. Will be posting pics of the various locales soon.