In-person voter registration deadline is October 20

If you aren’t currently registered to vote in Washington and want to vote in this November’s election, you have until the October 20 deadline to do so in person at your county elections office.

Secretary of State Sam Reed is urging eligible residents to register in person to vote by Monday’s deadline so they can take part in the highly anticipated November 4 General Election.

“The upcoming election will be extremely important for Washington voters,” Reed said. “Several interesting initiatives and key races will be on the ballot, including president, governor, most legislative seats and many local government offices. If you aren’t registered to vote and want to vote this year, you need to register by October 20.”

Reed said young adults in particular should not miss the opportunity to have their voices heard in the upcoming election.

“Whether you are 18 or 81, your vote counts,” Secretary of State Reed said. “If you have never voted before, this would be the perfect election to vote in for the first time. Your vote can make a difference.”

Registered voters in the state of Washington are required to be citizens of the United States; have lived in Washington State for at least 30 days; be at least 18 years old by Election Day; and have had their voting rights restored if they were ever convicted of a felony. Federal and state law requires citizens to provide identification to vote, such as a Washington driver’s license or Social Security number. Other ID forms are valid under the law.

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