Notes from Cafe Rozella: Apropos of nothing in particular

A customer, on my recommendation. is reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ epic novel, “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”  Readers of the novel know that one of the animating characters in the saga is The United Fruit Company, with its history of neocolonialism and gunboat diplomacy in Central American and the Caribbean (hence “Banana Republics”).   The United Fruit Company renamed itself, Chiquita, after its signature product from Central America, the banana.  My friend brought me the label in the picture accompanying this post.

It may or may not be Palin effect, but I cannot imagine that the marketing department at Chiquita meant to be ironic when they decided to brand each Chiquita banana with a logo that states: “The Food that Fights for You! Chiquita.”   Indeed.  Only recently it was disclosed that Chiquita was making payments to right-wing death squads and leftist rebels in Colombia.  Now, that’s what I call truth in advertising.  Or is it humor?Or perhaps ironic truth?

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