More from today’s Educare groundbreaking at Greenbridge

Bill Gates‘ dad, William H. Gates Jr. (the younger Gates is actually III), was one of the speakers at today’s groundbreaking for the Educare Learning Center at Greenbridge, next to White Center Heights Elementary – as you can hear, he opened with a quick joke about his legendary offspring, whose Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he was there to represent. We have a few more video clips from the event, just ahead:

That’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray, who noted that she’s the only preschool teacher ever elected to the U.S. Senate. She wasn’t the only politician on hand; 34th District State Rep. Sharon Nelson, who helped get project funding through the State Legislature, was there too. And some impressive facts were rattled off by King County Housing Authority executive director Stephen Norman, before he shared a personal story:

Of course, what would a big event like this be without more cute kids? Here’s a few seconds of a song one little group shared (with a lot of coaching by teachers standing nearby):

White Center Heights Elementary principal David Darling spoke too. Official construction of this White Center Early Learning Initiative project starts tomorrow.

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