Got recyclables? Phones to TVs to rocks, your chance to unload ’em

Just added to the White Center Now events calendar: King County’s Solid Waste Division is presenting a “recycling event” at Evergreen High School on September 13th, and the list of what they’ll accept that day is so long, it just might help you with a fall cleanup:

This is just the electronics section of the list:
– Cell Phones
– Circuit Boards
– Computer Monitors
– Computer Printers/Peripherals
– Computers and Laptops
– Copier/Fax Machines
– PDAs/Pagers
– TVs
Tons more on the full list, which you can see here. The event is 9 am-3 pm Saturday 9/13 at Evergreen HS (830 SW 116th; here’s a map).


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