Primary election: First results are in

The latest King County results are linked from this page. We’ll add updates to this post as the 11th Legislative District (which includes part of White Center) races shape up; none of the 34th District legislators have challengers. 8:35 PM UPDATE: The main race to watch is 11th District State Senator, with three contenders, to be narrowed to two for November – incumbent Sen. Margarita Prentice is ahead, with Juan Martinez narrowly edging Scott McKay for second place right now. 10:30 PM UPDATE: More King County votes counted; Prentice and Martinez are still the top 2 in that race. 12:46 AM UPDATE: Martinez (27%) has started to pull away from McKay (24%) in the latest count – still quite some distance behind Prentice (49%).

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One Response to “Primary election: First results are in”

  1. I find it interesting that Martinez is ahead of McKay right now by only 205 votes. McKay really didn’t mount any type of campaign. On the other hand Martinez, by what it says on his web page, has been out campaigning for months and he says he doorbelled 5,500 houses in the District. I would have thought, after doing all that, Martinez would have gotten more votes.