Supermarket price survey, including White Center stores

Have you heard about the King County Food and Fitness Initiative? It’s a ten-year program, and White Center is one of the focus communities, along with the neighboring Delridge area in West Seattle. As part of KCFFI, volunteers have surveyed area grocery-store pricing and food availability — and today we have the results of the most recent findings, which include White Center supermarkets as well as others from West Seattle to Burien:

Hollis Wong-Wear from the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, which is working on KCFFI along with the White Center Community Development Association, writes:

The UW Assessment Team from the School of Urban Planning and Youngstown (Cultural Arts Center), representing the King County Food and Fitness Initiative, threw a grocery store survey and kickin’ BBQ (August 8) called Food For Thought. We had a wonderful youth turn-out for the event, and we took three vans around to do a survey simulating the shopping list for a family of four for a week (bananas, spaghetti sauce, ground beef, fruit juice, etc.), looking for availability and cost.

There were 75 stores on our list, and while we weren’t able to touch all of the stores, we sent teams out to (the grocery stores on the list that follows) … Our focus for this event was to evaluate food providers in the Delridge and White Center area; a huge point is the fact that large grocery stores simply do not exist in these neighborhoods and residents must travel relatively far for variety in their food choices. While the data for all of the stores we reached will take longer to tabulate, here’s what
we found….

Store TFP Market Basket Cost Missing Items
Safeway – 9620 28th Ave SW $135.64 4
Albertson’s – 12725 1st Ave S $141.62 2
Metropolitan Market (WS) $152.10 5
Trader Joe’s (Burien) $153.27 22
QFC (Westwood Village) $153.61 3
Albertson’s – 16th Ave SW $165.06 5
Safeway – 2622 California, WS $166.98 1
Thriftway (West Seattle) $170.08 4
PCC (West Seattle) $248.43 5

Stay tuned for more results! And to be involved with what we’re doing here at Youngstown through KCFFI (particularly coming up with a Community Action Plan to advocate for better and more affordable food options for Delridge and White Center residents), get in touch!

Contact info for DNDA is here.

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12 Responses to “Supermarket price survey, including White Center stores”

  1. There is also really only one supermarket north of Roxbury, and south of the Buren border, and that is the Albertson’s on 16th.

    That store needs to be rebuilt. It would really perk up the neighborhood, and I believe draw more people. It looks depressing, as do many of the businesses in White Center, which just adds to White Center’s reputation. There is Bernie’s on 1st Avenue, which is kind of a fun store, but very small, and you really need to look at the pull dates there.

    Also, between Roxbury and 148th, there isn’t one sit-down coffee shop like a Starbucks or Tully’s.

  2. “Also, between Roxbury and 148th, there isn’t one sit-down coffee shop like a Starbucks or Tully’s.”

    Yes there is. Genos on 16th and 116th. A great family run little place with an AMAZING bakery.Thank god there is no Starbucks here.

    As far as Albertson’s goes, I will not shop there. It’s dirty, over priced, and there is always a line.

  3. This is surprising to me. I had no idea grocery store chains vary their pricing from one to the other. Also interesting how much more expensive PCC (presumably organic) is.

    BTW FullTilt, can you tell me more about Genos? I’m looking for bakeries nearby. Are they a bread or sweets bakery?

  4. Geno’s bakes huge loaves of bread, cookies, pastries and espresso. They have great sandwiches. Geno sold it to a new couple about 6 months ago, and spent a while working side by side with them to make sure it was a smooth transition. It was.

  5. Carl Sweetland Says:


    I’d like to see the grocery list and the raw data. Price comparisons are hard to make unless things are compared apples to apples (literally). Did the list say to buy 2 pounds of apples? or did it specify which type of apple to buy: Gala $1.15/lb vs Pink Lady $1.40/lb. I love the idea and have seen generally if I shop at Met Market or Thriftway my bill is higher then if I shop at Safeway. Your survey had those reversed.

    The other important factor for me is the quality of the food. I expect to pay more at PCC and receive a better product then that from Safeway.

    Thanks for all your efforts in this! It’s great to know how the stores stack up, particularly in our current economy.

    Carl Sweetland

  6. I was interested to read that Geno’s has been sold. The last time I bought a sandwich there (some years ago), I ordered it with no pickles. They made it with pickles. I asked for the sandwich to be made again with no pickles so I would not have to taste the pickle taint. I saw someone take out the pickles, and then they presented the sandwich to me again.

    I got my money back, they kept the sandwich, and I haven’t been back since.

    Maybe the new owners would have a different customer service attitude… dunno.

    The experience “done me wrong” enough that I will wait to see some Health Dept. inspection results before I go back:

  7. Morningstar Market at 9 SW& SW Henderson wasn’t included in the report. The owner’s son recently (in the last two weeks) started up a deli in the store. He makes hot grilled sandwiches and cold sandwiches, and he has fruit and vegetables for sale. There are lots of “Chinese-style” vegetables. He is also currently selling two varieties of kimchee that his mom made.

    I have no financial interest in his deli; I am merely a satisfied customer. I do have a selfish interest: I would like to see his efforts succeed, since his deli is convenient to my location.

  8. Geno’s is right down the street from me and it is SUPER yummy. The prices are really low for the pastries and the bread (try the quiches!). Also, I was really surprised how long their bread lasted. As a two person family, we were concerned about finishing the LARGE loaf before it went moldy. It lasted really long (with some refrigeration), much longer than the store bought loaves and it tasted better.

  9. Thanks for the input, I’ll definitely check it out.

    Now another question..Morningstar Market? I’ve never been in there but walk by it all the time. I noticed they started advertising fruits and vegetables for sale.

  10. mike,

    What is your question?

  11. I dunno, I forgot mid sentence apparently :/

    I’ll have to check out morningstar I’d love to find a ny style deli nearby

  12. mike,

    Morningstar Market is *not* a NY-style deli.

    If you want a NY-style deli, then move to NY.

    Morningstar Market is primarily a place to buy beer/pop, candy, Mexican items, and various grocery items priced as you might expect at a convenience store. The beer is cold.

    The owner’s son is the person who has started the deli business; he is also responsible for offering the fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

    If you are curious about it, go in the store. Look around. Ask questions. Try a taste of the kimchee.

    The store is two different stores, really:
    1.) the convenience store, and
    2.) the deli.
    The two sections operate independently.