In Search of the Great Burrito: The Saga Continues – In memoriam of Lou’s

I miss Lou’s burgers. There, I admit it, I was addicted to their greasy little packets of nutrition. These were not the picture perfect chemical concoctions that passes for sustanance under the rubric of corporate fast food. Sure, White Center now has some genuine burgers. I’m thinking of the cheeseburger and onion ring platter at the Triangle Pub. And not too far away is Zippy’s, where they grind their own chuck. Lou’s satisfied a different need, that primal urge for grease. After consuming a Lou’s burger you knew that you would survive another winter. Plus they had these tasty things that were made from pods that they pull out of the ground in Eastern Washington. I think they call them potatoes. Yup, those were good little burgers.

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2 Responses to “In Search of the Great Burrito: The Saga Continues – In memoriam of Lou’s”

  1. Not only was Lou’s the tastiest buurger and fries around, their prices were unbeatable! Oh how my family misses Lou’s!

  2. The original Lous was the best – specifically the chicken sandwich with a shake! YUMMM! My dad used to pick us up from Holy Family grade school and let us stop off for some greasy fries and a shake from Lous…

    Can’t believe its a Pho place now. Seems like we already have enough of Pho restaurants in the area.