Big Al Brewing: A review and event announcement

So I went down and tried Al’s beers when everything was quiet. At the moment he has two offerings, an Irish Red, and an Abbey Wheat. Both are non-traditional styles, and it is nice to see something different from a Northwest brewer.

The Abbey Wheat; This is not a pale ale. I think it is awesome that someone is brewing something a little different. Personally, I love Abbey beers and I found this one very light and drinkable. By that I mean I could see drinking a lot of them on a hot day.

The Irish Red; I don’t know a lot about this style. It is very malty and seems more like a brown ale to me, but the only other Irish Red that I have had was a crappy Busch version of the style, and the only thing red about that was the label. Al’s beer is big but not over powering. That is a hard line to walk and he seems to have done it just fine.

The outside is pretty much the same as the old Pac Rim. Not that it’s a bad thing. I loved the Rim, and missed having a patio that I drink on. Inside, it is still a little sparse, but I am sure that will change. The lovely wine accent paper is gone. I wished I could have salvaged it before it went into the dumpster.

So all in all I give Big Al a big Thumbs up. He is having his first tap night at Beveridge Place in West Seattle tonight. Go down and ask him when he is going to make an IPA.

Beveridge Place Pub – Brewer’s Night

big al and the crew will be at Beveridge starting at 7 pm tonight, 8/14/2008. This is Big Al Brewing’s first event outside the brewery, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll have both of our beers on tap and there will be raffles for big al give aways.

Location : Beveridge Place Pub map
When : 7 pm until Big Al can’t take any more!

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11 Responses to “Big Al Brewing: A review and event announcement”

  1. Kevin Bouffiou Says:

    Just a measure of curiosity, but who was the intrepid author who wrote the above? Does he dare unravel all that hair and speak to the former sponsors of his mad beer tasting art oriented free beer caprice in the world of perjorative art? Or perhaps it is the work of Big Al and hence will never suffer botherance from this portal again.
    Simply put, if Greg McCorkle speaks for you, fix the problem NOW, because you don’t need a once a quarter worker to speak for you as he did for us when he needed free beer for the art community of Seattle.

    I simply wish you the best in the coming years and lament the mistakes that Chris and we made trying to make that crooked thing work. Between Dan Birke and the ever ebullient Eric it was hard to develop a hard target but. fortunately the state finally brought her down to real deals. Eric Barber sold that place at least three times and it was kind of funny to watch the way that he and Dan Birke performed the surgery on the wallets. We walked away. You hit a number that made a deal. You are rid of him and his cohorts, and more power to you.

    Congratulations and I hope the group of customers that you have inherited are as loyal to you as they were to us. Best of luck,

  2. Hilarious post, Bouf. I never knew you had it in you to type, let alone read.
    For those just tuning in, he’s what Bouf is attempting to say: “I bought the Pac Rim from a shyster. Me and my partner attempted to fix it up, but really didn’t have a plan, didn’t want to invest in the place and alienated everyone within a 10 mile radius. Since were were such ginormous drunken screwups, I’ll need a scapegoat uh…. um…..Dan and Erik…. Yeah… that’s it… Dan and Erik. Dan and Erik are Bad Guys. We was just poor innocent schoolgirls what was lead down the thorny path by these two bad guys….”
    Gimme a break Kevin. To throw mud at Greg and Dan once again reveals your complete lack of class. You can throw all the mud you like at Erik, however, as that guy truly is a low-down dirty dealer. No wonder you two got along. Good riddance, chump.

  3. How can WCN allow this guy his rants and then take down other comments?

    Go grab a nap, Kevin, you sound drunk again….

  4. I don’t think we have taken down any comments. I know I have not.I was actually debating deleting this one because I felt bad for Kevin. With further thought I realized Kevin has made his own bed and people should see that.

  5. Nor have I. Thee, what comment(s) are you referring to?

  6. huh… i posted a comment earlier that was never posted. I assumed it was spiked by ya’ll, but I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and write it off to my operator error. And, it goes w/o saying that Kevin does indeed sound less than thoughtful in his rambling fit of keyboard banging. That, however, should shock no one who knows him…


  7. Greg McCorkle Says:

    Wow! I just read Kevin Bouffiou’s comments about the former Pacific Rim Brewing Co. It saddens me that someone has to stoop so low as to besmirch the character of another (myself) just to make themselves feel better. I didn’t write the above review- but I wish I had. When it comes to the beer for the “art” community I never took anything for free. The beer was donated by the brewery for my art openings and in return I advertised their establishment to the fullest at my gallery space as well as on Craig’s List.
    Obviously Mr. Bouffiou has no concept of gorilla marketing. I know for a fact I bought many new customers to the brewery as a result of this. While there may have been things wrong with the management, Mr. Bouffiou did more than his fair share in driving people away from what was once a fun place to hang out. I can present many people who’ll attest to this, and don’t even get me started on the drinking on duty issue!
    I wish Big Al Brewing all the best. I’ll be there enjoying a tasty beverage as often as possible. You know where to find me.

  8. Yeah. Umm. Yeah. That is really all I have to say about Kevin.

  9. sailfastordie! Says:

    OK, I’ll opine here.
    Actually Kev’s post can be instructive. People and beer are both complex subjects. They often contain contradictory factors simultaneously, the balance of which can change radically from time to time, improve or decline. So they shouldn’t be dismissed or praised out of hand. They need to looked at from different angles, sampled a number of times. That comment for example, after the stupid irrelevant negative stuff was actually quite positive and supportive, like conversations I’ve had with same before. The negative part was likely a result of a particular old agenda just wanting to get out:>)

    I too went to the opening day with a bit of an agenda and chip on my shoulder. Tho Big Al and crew did a very nice job, it was a lot of fun, but I really missed the old place. Particularily the REALLY old place when the tasting room was rough, much of the fun took place out back, the IPA flowing. When I walked in, I found it spare but clean, new paint. Very nice. The RAT was gone. So with arms crossed I tried the Abbey Wheat and the Irish Red while pining for an IPA. I did like the Abbey Wheat at first but found that after a few of them, that there were some young off flavors that kind of got to me. I did not like the red at all due to how cloudy it was and found it a bit gritty tasting. I’ll spare the detailed analysis cause I’m probably full of it anyway. But this really was to be expected at a new craft brewery. I held out hope that after a few more runs plus age, they would get the process and flavors down. Plus, cool people show up there now and then.

    So I kept stopping by for tastes. More old friends showed. I’ve met some new folks that I don’t remember from the Rim. At first, I groused about a lack of carbonation and warm beer. They still struggled with that dang glycol tap system that had never ever really worked (info not mentioned to the prospective buyers I’ll reckon) But as expected, things kept getting better.

    Happily now the newer versions of their two first beers are really quite nice. . Both are clean and crisp, very pretty to look at. The Abbey wheat is complex with clove and a little banana Belgian tangy almost sharp but doesn’t overwhelm. The Red is smooth and even flavored with a good middle maltiness. Interestingly, I have tasted the now aged pours of the opening day batches which have improved immensely with time and cleared up considerably. I have also been treated with some experiments from the back that promise more great beer to come.

    It’s a beer geeks place, a craft house. It will be fun to taste there as they evolve as well as to hang out. I think they have a good start.


  10. Still wondering if Kevin has stopped in yet for his growler. Upon this eventful day please provide a growler on behalf of the NJ Child Support Agency as he owes us well over $40 K….now that’s something to lift a cheer too!

  11. Red, I don’t think he’s that hard to find, but not sure if he’s working. Last I heard he was talking about moving to MO to sponge off of another one of his brothers. Good luck getting your back child support.