YOU’RE INVITED: White Center Food Bank’s grand-opening party January 12

January 3rd, 2024 Tracy Posted in White Center Food Bank, White Center news Comments Off on YOU’RE INVITED: White Center Food Bank’s grand-opening party January 12

Just in – your official invitation to the White Center Food Bank‘s grand-opening party:

Join White Center Food Bank (WCFB) for one of the most significant miles in our organization’s history: The GRAND OPENING of our new home! With the support of our community, we now own a newly remodeled, centrally located facility right in the heart of downtown White Center.

The Grand Opening Party features delicious food & drinks from White Center restaurants Gõ Seattle Grab & Go & El Catrín, amazing speakers, and great music.

This celebratory event not only introduces the community to the expansive features of the new space but also serves as an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate this remarkable achievement for the White Center community.

Date: Friday, Jan 12
Time: 5-7PM
Event Location: White Center Food Bank, 10016 16th Ave SW

This new facility will bring together an incredible array of community programming, hosted both by the food bank and partner organizations. WCFB wants people from all walks of life to enter through our doors together, so that everyone feels comfortable receiving food whenever they need it.

“We’re excited for this next chapter to better serve the community and revitalize this part of the neighborhood. We hope that our supporters will continue to show up alongside us to ensure our community thrives.”- Carmen Smith, Executive Director.

To RSVP and learn more, click here.

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Get ready to help plan next King County Parks Levy

December 28th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Election, Parks, White Center news Comments Off on Get ready to help plan next King County Parks Levy

From King County:

The current (2020-2025) King County Parks Levy funds operations and maintenance of King County’s parks and trails, supports the growth and connection of regional trails, and establishes grant programs to expand access to recreation and protect open space for King County residents. (Learn more on the King County website)

Starting next year, King County parks will begin gathering input from communities across the county on what they would like to prioritize in a proposed 2026-2031 levy. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Invite a staff member to your community meeting between late January and mid-April to talk about the levy and gather feedback.

Invite the Parks Mobile Engagement Team to a community event between late January and mid-April to table, provide information, chat with people, and get input on the levy.

If you’re interested in getting more involved and have an event on the calendar for April, Parks is looking for up to three groups to host them at an event that would serve as a Parks Levy community forum. Groups who host these events will be paid $75/hour and can be as involved as they’d like—anything from simply providing space for a table to co-planning, co-hosting, and shaping engagement.

In March and April, Parks will put out a virtual survey and host in-person and virtual community forums to collect input.

To learn more about these options, contact Project Manager Helen Potter (

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FOLLOWUP: White Center Food Bank moving into new home, showing off mural

December 22nd, 2023 Tracy Posted in White Center Food Bank, White Center news 2 Comments »

(Also published on partner site West Seattle Blog)

The White Center Food Bank is moving into its new home, and sent these photos to show off its new mural:

The mural’s lead artists are Jake Prendez (of Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery) and Rafa Diaz; community members assisted. WCFB spokesperson Randy Nguyen says, “We’re so excited to be in our new spot. Our expected date of opening to the public is January 8th.” They’re also planning a grand-opening party for January 12. The building at 10016 16th SW has been undergoing renovations since last March; they had to move from their longtime county-owned location at 8th/108th because it’s being redeveloped. You can read more about the new WCFB site here.

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King County Library System announces new executive director

December 19th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Libraries, White Center news 2 Comments »

The King County Library System has been a major topic at the past two North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meetings, including the impending leadership change. Today KCLS announced it has chosen a new executive director to succeed Lisa Rosenblum:

The King County Library System (KCLS) Board of Trustees has selected Heidi Daniel to become KCLS’ new executive director. Following a nationwide search after Lisa Rosenblum’s announcement to retire, the Board of Trustees voted to extend an offer of employment to Daniel at the board meeting on December 13. Daniel accepted the offer, and she will begin her leadership role on March 11, 2024.

“Our search firm and committee conducted a rigorous interview process, with input from a diverse panel of staff, trustee and community stakeholders, to find KCLS’ next executive director,” stated KCLS Board of Trustees President Harish Kulkarni. “Daniel emerged as the most qualified and competitive candidate. She will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an impressive track record of innovation and community service to KCLS.”

Daniel joins KCLS from the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, where she has served as president and CEO since July 2017. Under Daniel’s leadership, the Pratt became one of the first fines-free public libraries on the East Coast. Daniel also oversaw the completion of the Central Library renovation, and helped spearhead plans for a new Park Heights Library, the Pratt’s first new building in more than 15 years. She helped launch the library’s Office of Equity and Fair Practices, steered the organization through the start of the unionization process, led new and innovative public service strategies through the historic COVID-19 pandemic, and kickstarted a new Master Facilities Plan to help ensure the Pratt’s ability to serve generations to come.

Prior to working at the Pratt, Daniel served as executive director of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County in Youngstown, Ohio for nearly five years. Daniel, the 2015 recipient of the Ohio Librarian of the Year award, oversaw 15 library branches throughout Mahoning County, worked on several major building projects and spearheaded innovative new services, including a Pop-Up Library and the circulation of mobile Wi-Fi hot spots.

“We are excited to welcome Heidi to KCLS and Washington state,” stated KCLS Interim Executive Director Angie Miraflor. “Her broad leadership experience, and outstanding ability to build internal and external relationships, will serve our patrons well. We can’t wait to work with her.”

“I am deeply honored to take the helm of the King County Library System,” said Daniel. “I’ve been impressed with KCLS, its staff and the Pacific Northwest. KCLS is nationally known for its excellence, commitment to community and welcoming atmosphere, and I am thrilled to build upon its foundation while moving KCLS into the future.”

The daughter of a factory worker, Daniel’s parents did not go to college, but used the library in her Michigan hometown to impress upon her the importance of education. Daniel earned her bachelor’s degree in women’s studies at DePaul University and her master’s degree in library sciences at Texas Woman’s University. She began her career in children’s and teen programming in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas before moving into library administration.

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Convicted arsonist dies of overdose in White Center

December 18th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Crime, White Center news Comments Off on Convicted arsonist dies of overdose in White Center

A familiar name was on today’s list of deaths investigated by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office: Matthew Robert-David Hicks. The KCMEO says Hicks is the 38-year-old man who died at the Lotus/Little Caesar’s restaurant building at 10439 16th SW last Friday, and lists his cause of death as an accidental overdose including fentanyl and methamphetamine. Hicks is the man who pleaded guilty to the arson that destroyed the former Yarington’s Funeral Home site at 16th/107th, a few blocks from where he died. Court records show he was sentenced to 13 months in 2021, but had already served more than half that time. Then in February of last year, he was charged with assaulting a man, and found guilty last December, subsequently sentenced to 19 months, but again had already served more than half the time by then. We don’t know how long Hicks had been out of prison at the time of his death.

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FREE! Winter Roller Skating Night at Southgate oh Thursday

December 15th, 2023 Tracy Posted in southgate, White Center news Comments Off on FREE! Winter Roller Skating Night at Southgate oh Thursday

Thursday – free fun on wheels! A coalition of youth groups presents Winter Roller Skating Night at Southgate, 5-8 pm.

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New fire chief, crime/safety issues, more discussed at North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s 2023 finale

December 13th, 2023 Tracy Posted in King County Sheriff's Office, Libraries, North Highline UAC, White Center news 2 Comments »

By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

The last North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting of 2023 was held online Thursday night (December 7). Here’s what happened:

LIBRARY UPDATES: Mary Sue Houser, a divisional manager for King County Library System – overseeing six branches including White Center, Greenbridge, and Boulevard Park – was the first guest. She reminded everyone that KCLS is now “fine-free” – if you have an overdue item, just take it in! (They will charge if you lose something, though.) Some hours have expanded, too (as reported here). She recapped the Freedom to Read celebration that was discussed at the last meeting, and mentioned the Welcoming Centers, “a place for people who are new to the country … anyone who has just gotten here and needs help.” Language-speakers are available to offer resources and answer questions. These are at six libraries (none in North Highline). NHUAC’s Liz Giba asked if a Welcoming Center could be added at WC Library; Houser said she’ll be sure it’s “on the radar.”

FIRE CHIEFS: After more than 31 years of service, Chief Mike Marrs is leaving. He’s been District 2 chief since 1999. He thanked everyone for their support, particularly the renewals of the Medic One levy every six years. He talked about how previously one in five people woule survive a heart attack in Seattle/King County – even at that, better than other cities, but a goal was set for three in five to survive, and that goal’s been met and surpassed. Ongoing training and policies help. 85 percent of calls are medical, a lot of them are heart attacks, and so, many lives are being saved, He also expressed gratitude for voters approving the Benefit Charge. It’s not based on property value but rather on the size of structure that needs to be protected, Marrs explained. And since it’s a fee, for example, the Housing Authority has to pay it too, rather than getting an exemption. “I think we’ve put that money to good use.” He noted that his role running Fire District 2 expanded to include North Highline around 2010, part-time as a stopgap measure, and “we just slowly migrated to where we came together.” After years of sharing personnel and equipment, and increasing efficiencies and cost savings, they originally realized it was time to “fully integrate” everything. In 2019, it all melded into a four-station fire department. They’ve been able to purchase new fire engines, a new aid car, and “with the funding we’re saving in other areas,” next year they’ll be able to return a full-time aid car to Station 18 in White Center. He also said he’s proud of “the workforce we have right now.” He said his “one litmus test” for hiring has been “who do I want to show up at my house at 2 o’clock in the morning when my house is on fire?” Marrs said he feels his legacy includes those people – who go out on calls 12,000 times a year.

In Q/A/comments, the chief was thanked for his advocacy for the North Highline fireworks ban. He didn’t have any stats about its effectiveness, though.

New Chief Jason Gay then introduced himself – 49 years old, father of two (20-year-old Marine and 16-year-old high school sophomore). He is a Marine Corps veteran, focusing on avionics, and went into aerospace after getting out, got a mechanical engineering degree, staying in that industry for a long time. Then he moved on to firefighting – “best choice I ever made” – and Marrs hired him in 2005. He went to school again for a Fire Administration degree and has been working his way up, becoming a lieutenant, then captain, for 10 years, then acting battalion chief for 6 years, and eventually went into the logistics office. More studies ensued; he pursued an online masters in Public Administration, and in October he became Fire Chief.

Chief Gay says his vision for the department is: financially responsible, well-funded, deep ties with service community, values its employees – helping them via education, professional development – he wants the department to be known for leadership and stewardship, among other things, Marrs, he said, has shown “you can be conservative and provide a fantastic service to the vommunity.” He “wants to be a good steward of tax dollars for the community.” He also noted the health risks firefighters face – like cancer risk – and wants to protect them as best he can. “There’s a lot of work we can do in continuing to ratchet our service to the community.” Stations 18 and 19 are undergoing remodeling to serve a diverse workforce – he notes that about 9 percent of the workforce is women, including two “line firefighters.” He said the department’s staff is relatively new – less than five years firefighting for almost half of them.

NHUAC’s Pat Price wondered about a timeline for the Station 18 remodel (that’s where NHUAC long met in person) being complete. Chief Gay said crews will be mobilizing right after Christmas and the 18 and 19 remodels should be complete by early May. “At that point we’ll have a wonderful meeting room to go back to,” he said.

NHUAC’s Barbara Dobkin wondered how the increased density affects the department. “Obviously our call volume is rising,” said Gay. They’re mapping things now and the upcoming added aid car at Station 18 will be part of addressing that. What about higher buildings? They have a ladder truck, which can get them up to seven stories, he noted. They also were asked about alternative responses, which have been explored by multiple jurisdictions around the region.

KING COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: White Center Storefront Detective Glen Brannon began by saying “things are looking good in our neck of the woods.” He was asked about the disappearance of the Burien encampment in a triangle along Ambaum Boulevard; they had to disperse because of Burien’s camping ban, and many are now at a church in Burien that has an official camping/shelter program. Some have probably headed into White Center, Brannon believes. He mentioned working with The More We Love group, which has a contract with Burien to address encampments. He also mentioned that they’re working with Community Passageways and so they’ve got a lot of new resources to work with people on the street.

An attendee who recorded video of illegal dumping asked if Brannon had any interest. Send him the video, Det. Brannon said. ( He also asked about mail thieves. To charge somebody with mail theft, they have to have at least seven pieces of mail from different people, Brannon said.

He was asked about a crash in White Center, on 16th SW near Saar’s, the previous evening. It was a pedestrian hit by a driver; not life-threatening injuries.

A Block Watch captain gave props to Det. Brannon for handling some things his neighbors in Top Hat were worried about.

Det. Brannon said he wants to hear from Block Watches – and from people interested in starting one.

Then a WC resident said he’s concerned about dangerous driving and wondered about speed enforcement. Det. Brannon offered to come hang out in his neighborhood (a cut-through section of 17th) and try to be a deterrent/enforcer.

What about the former Bartell building, and trash/graffiti problems? He said he’ll look into that, and also noted that a new tenant is being actively sought.

Regarding the ongoing outdoor-music-venue noise concerns, Det. Brannon said he got the monitoring equipment he talked about at the last NHUAC meeting and has already tested it. He promised that enforcement is planned. “We’re done letting these guys get away with that.” He explained how the equipment records readings and times.

Also briefly discussed – the ongoing search for businesses to move into the storefronts that suffered fire damage. A variety of other issues came up too. Regarding gunfire heard from neighborhoods, Det. Brannon said that factors include a “gang war starting up,” and that they know who’s doing it – people driving around shooting into the air – “we just have to catch them.” He said someone high-ranking in a gang was killed recently, with a funeral coming up in less than a week, and a lot of retaliatory gunfire seems to be happening.

NEXT MEETING: NHUAC will skip January and be back the first Thursday in February.

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RESTAURANTS: Inside newly opened Alpine Diner/Big Mario’s Pizza

December 10th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Businesses, Restaurants, White Center news 1 Comment »

This was the first weekend for the co-housed Alpine Diner and Big Mario’s Pizza at 9635 16th SW in downtown White Center. Thanks to Gill Loring for sharing some photos from inside the new two-in-one restaurant:

As we first reported a month ago, other repaired storefronts in that block are now up for lease.

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THINK SUMMER! See DubSea Fish Sticks’ 2024 baseball schedule

December 5th, 2023 Tracy Posted in DubSea Fish Sticks, Sports, Steve Cox Memorial Park, White Center news Comments Off on THINK SUMMER! See DubSea Fish Sticks’ 2024 baseball schedule

Just made public today – the DubSea Fish Sticks‘ 2024 schedule at White Center’s Steve Cox Memorial Park! Here’s the announcement:

The DubSea Fish Sticks summer collegiate baseball team has released its 2024 schedule.

The 2024 season will kick off on Saturday, June 1st and will feature 27 home games. The team hosts their events at Mel Olson Stadium, inside King County’s Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center, nicknamed “The Fryer.”

The team is known for their crazy antics including throwing out a ceremonial first fish. The honoree flings a fish toward home plate instead of a baseball. During non-league games the team also runs an open raffle for a random fan to sign a one-day contract and lead off in the game for the Fish Sticks as the “Fan Batter of the Night.”

The Fish Sticks recruit players from colleges across the country to come and play for the months of June and July. The 2024 summer roster is currently being finalized by new head coach Elliott Cribby, former University of Washington Associate Head Coach. The players report in late May and play with the team to hone their skills and hope to one day play professionally.

“We had a great year in 2023. Breaking all of our previous attendance records and being fortunate enough to sell out five different games. We have a ton of fun in store for our fans and plan to build on everything we did in 2023. We’re expecting tickets to go fast and we’re encouraging fans to get flex packs as soon as they can to guarantee they have tickets. We’re throwing the biggest parties in West Seattle all summer long, it’s going to be a blast!” Exclaimed team president Justin Moser.

Last year the team sold out five of their games and they expect that number to double or even triple in 2024.

Season Tickets and Flex Packs are now on sale at If you’re wanting single-game tickets for DubSea Fish Sticks, you can join the Priority Ticket List to be the first notified when they’re available on April 3rd. Games are only $13 and Opening Night on Saturday, June 1st, is expected to sell out quickly. Flex Ticket Packs with options ranging from three- to ten-game packages are also available. The Fish Sticks’ season will run from June 1st through August 3rd.

The Fish Sticks also partner with youth organizations and nonprofits to run ticket fundraisers at every game and sell discounted group packages.
You can find more information and secure your tickets at The Fryer by visiting the Fish Sticks’ website at

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FOLLOWUP: Alpine Diner and Big Mario’s set White Center opening date

December 4th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Restaurants, White Center news 1 Comment »

We told you three weeks ago about the ex-Bizzarro space at 9635 16th SW getting two new co-housed restaurants – Alpine Diner and Big Mario’s Pizza. Now they’ve announced their opening date:

Alpine will open at 9 am Thursday, and Big Mario’s will open at 11 am.

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Here’s what’s planned for December’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting

December 3rd, 2023 Tracy Posted in North Highline UAC, White Center news Comments Off on Here’s what’s planned for December’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting

This Thursday, take a little time out of your schedule to dive into what’s happening in your community. You don’t even have to leave your home – the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meets online at 7 pm Thursday – here’s the preview:

The Opportunity to Be Informed, Be Involved and Be Heard!

Where? North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Meeting

When? Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 7 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 0154 8577
Passcode: NHUAC2023 (Case Sensitive)

Unable to join via Zoom? Please call: 253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 820 0154 8577
Passcode: 332771534

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You are invited to join NHUAC’s last meeting of 2023 at 7 pm on Thursday, December 7th. 2023 has been a year of transition in our community. One of NHUAC’s goals is to keep you abreast of changes and in touch with the people who are making decisions that affect North Highline.

Due to our unincorporated status, the King County Council serves as our local government. King County Councilmember Joe McDermott will be replaced after more than a decade. We met Councilmember Elect Teresa Mosqueda and shared pertinent data about North Highline with her at NHUAC’s October meeting. NHUAC will continue to provide opportunities for discussions with her as she moves forward as our representative on the King County Council.

Last month, we learned that the King County Library System’s Executive Director, Lisa Rosenblum, was retiring. She has been a positive force in improving our relationship with KCLS by improving service and saving the Boulevard Park Branch. In October, Verna Seal of Tukwila was appointed as Trustee by the King County Council. To talk about the future of KCLS, Trustee Seal will join us on Thursday along with Mary Sue Houser, Olympic Regional Manager.

The North Highline Fire District is vital to everyone that lives, works or visits North Highline. In 2019, after extensive contract negotiations, the NHFD contractually consolidated with Burien’s King County Fire District #2. The consolidation allowed the districts to improve cost sharing, increase efficiencies and firefighter training and share KCFD#2’s Fire Chief. The consolidation has been an undeniable success under Chief Mike Marrs’ leadership. After 34 years of service, Chief Marrs is retiring. Join NHUAC on December 7 to thank Chief Marrs and welcome his successor, Chief Jason Gay.

After serving as White Center’s Storefront Deputy since 2015, Deputy Bill Kennamer retired from the King County Sheriff’s Office in April after 25 years of service. His successor, Detective Glen Brannon, will make his final presentation of the year at Thursday’s NHUAC meeting.

Knowledge Is Power

Learn, share, and help make North Highline a healthier community.

Thursday, December 7 at 7 pm – Invite Your Neighbors!

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Remembering King County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Cox

December 2nd, 2023 Tracy Posted in King County Sheriff's Office, White Center news 3 Comments »

The King County Sheriff’s Office posted this tribute on X/Twitter today:

If you’re new and don’t know the story of how Deputy Cox’s life was cut short, here’s a summary.

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TODAY: Seattle Urban Book Expo in White Center

December 2nd, 2023 Tracy Posted in White Center news 1 Comment »

Big event today in White Center: More than 20 BIPOC authors will gather for the annual Seattle Urban Book Expo, an annual celebration of books and the people who make them. You can meet the authors and learn about their work. It’s scheduled for noon-6 pm at Acts on Stage Theater (10806 12th SW). Free admission!

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ELECTION 2023: Final numbers

November 28th, 2023 Tracy Posted in White Center news Comments Off on ELECTION 2023: Final numbers

Three weeks after Election Day, King County has certified the final results. Here’s how the major local races ended up:

Teresa Mosqueda – 33,921 – 55.01%
Sofia Aragon – 27,553 – 44.68%

Stephanie Tidholm – 13,280 – 57.9%
Michael T. Lewis – 9,465 – 41.27%

(Here’s the full countywide results report for all races and measures.) Newly elected officials generally will take office at the start of the new year.

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HOLIDAYS: Thankful for volunteers! White Center Library Guild’s successful sale

November 22nd, 2023 Tracy Posted in Holidays, Libraries, White Center news 1 Comment »

(Photos by Gill Loring)

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for so much … like the community volunteers who work so hard to support local institutions and organizations – for example, the White Center Library Guild, which held its annual Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale this past weekend.

The Guild’s fundraising supports programs at the library – which in turn support the entire community.

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Angie Miraflor to serve as interim leader of King County Library System

November 16th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Libraries, White Center news 2 Comments »

Earlier this month, the King County Library System was in the spotlight at the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council‘s November meeting, with guests including about-to-retire KCLS executive director Lisa Rosenblum. Today, KCLS has announced an interim successor for her, while they continue searching for a new permanent leader. Here’s the announcement we received:

The King County Library System (KCLS) Board of Trustees has appointed KCLS Deputy Director of Public Services Angie Miraflor as interim director of the library system, effective December 19, following the retirement of current KCLS Executive Director Lisa Rosenblum.

Miraflor joined KCLS in November 2021. She brings over 20 years of experience working in diverse communities throughout the country. Before coming to KCLS, she served as the director of central services at the St. Louis Public Library. Miraflor has also served as the director of customer experience at the Brooklyn Public Library, associate director of the West Bronx Library Network at the New York Public Library, and division manager for literacy and learning at the San Jose Public Library. Angie holds a master’s degree in library and information science and a bachelor’s degree in public relations from San Jose State University.

“I’m proud to say KCLS has been my library home for the last two years,” stated KCLS Deputy Director of Public Services Angie Miraflor. “I’m excited and honored to lead such an innovative and community focused organization during this time of transition. KCLS’ devoted staff will continue to provide excellent programs and robust collections.”

The KCLS Board of Trustees is charged with hiring the new executive director. They are conducting a national search for the position, and they expect the effort to take several more months.

“The Board of Trustees is happy that Angie Miraflor has graciously agreed to fill the role of the interim director,” stated KCLS Board of Trustees President Harish Kulkarni. “We are confident that the library and its patrons will be in able and experienced hands until a new director can start their duties.”

Rosenblum announced her retirement in July. A distinguished librarian, she has spent the past 35 years working for public libraries. Since Rosenblum joined KCLS in January 2018, the library system has received numerous awards and accolades for outstanding services and innovation, including being named a National Medal finalist by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) this year — a first for KCLS.

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FOLLOWUP: Changes ahead for downtown White Center’s fire-ravaged block, including 2 restaurants

November 14th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Businesses, Restaurants, White Center news 4 Comments »

If you’ve been in downtown White Center lately, you’ve probably noticed changes to the fire-ravaged block on the west side of 16th SW south of Roxbury. It’s been more than two years since fires ravaged multiple spaces in this block of businesses. Now seven of the spaces are up for lease to new business tenants (here’s the flyer). The spaces totaling 22,362 square feet could be leased in various combinations, the listing says … Not far south, next to Full Tilt, the Huong Xua Deli is finally getting ready to reopen, with COMING SOON signage … And on the other side of the September 2021 fire site, two venues have uncloaked with plans to share the former Bizzarro Italian Café space at 9635 16th SW:

The Alpine Diner and Bar, touting an “apres-ski” theme, and Big Mario’s Pizza. From the Alpine website:

Try our full food & beverage menu available daily from 7 AM to 10 PM, or visit the bar counter and cozy up to our vintage fireplace in the game room for ski ball and hoops. Enjoy our large outdoor patio with bocci ball and outdoor seating, opening Spring 2024. We share our space with the newest Big Mario’s location, meaning you can order from either menu.

The Alpine is from the same company that operates Lost Lake Café in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood; Big Mario’s Pizza has a location there too, one of four in Seattle. The remodeled White Center space is expected to open this winter.

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White Center Library Guild’s Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale less than a week away

November 12th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Holidays, White Center Library, White Center news Comments Off on White Center Library Guild’s Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale less than a week away

Another reason to visit the library this coming week – holiday shopping!

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ELECTION 2023: Teresa Mosqueda’s lead in King County Council District 8 widens

November 9th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Election, White Center news Comments Off on ELECTION 2023: Teresa Mosqueda’s lead in King County Council District 8 widens

The third round of results from the general election has widened Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda‘s lead over Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon for the King County Council District 8 seat:

More than 14,000 additional votes have been counted, for a total so far of 31.6% of registered D-8 voters; at least 14,000 ballots remain to be counted.

Teresa Mosqueda – 24,759 – 52.36%
Sofia Aragon – 22,364 – 47.29%

Despite the holiday, King County Elections plans to release another set of results tomorrow.

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ELECTION 2023: Teresa Mosqueda leads King County Council District 8 race

November 7th, 2023 Tracy Posted in Election, Politics, White Center news Comments Off on ELECTION 2023: Teresa Mosqueda leads King County Council District 8 race

The biggest race in our area is for the County Council District 8 seat that Joe McDermott is leaving after 13 years. In tonight’s first and only round of results, here’s where the race stands:

Teresa Mosqueda – 16,189 – 50.18%
Sofia Aragon – 15,929 – 49.37%

Mosqueda, a citywide Seattle City Councilmember and North Delridge resident, spent Election Night at a party downtown, too far for us to go interview her, but she has sent a statement saying in part: “It’s been incredibly motivating to connect with community leaders and neighbors across this district. The outcome of this election is a testament to our campaign’s deep community engagement and collaborative work to support community-led solutions. Thank you to every endorsing community member, labor union, organization, small business, and elected leader who generously offered their time to help make this result possible. I appreciate your support and look forward to working together to deliver on diverse needs across District 8.”

Second round of results will be out around 4 pm tomorrow.

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