SATURDAY: White Center Santacon multi-venue party to raise money for WestSide Baby

December 9th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Fun, WestSide Baby, White Center news Comments Off on SATURDAY: White Center Santacon multi-venue party to raise money for WestSide Baby

Saturday (December 11th) from 2 pm on into the night, it’s the first-ever White Center Santacon, to enjoy local businesses and raise money for WestSide Baby. It’s a two-part party – 2-5 pm, free family activities at some businesses, then a food/bar crawl starting at 5, requiring a $20 wristband (benefiting WS Baby) to get in on the deals. Buy your wristband here. The map and other info is below:

See a larger version on the White Center Block Party website.

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Here’s what happened @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s last meeting of 2022

December 8th, 2022 Tracy Posted in North Highline UAC, White Center news Comments Off on Here’s what happened @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s last meeting of 2022

By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council tackled a variety of topics in its last 2022 meeting, held online last Thursday night. Two scheduled guests weren’t able to attend due to illness, so the meeting ran shorter than usual. NHUAC’s Barbara Dobkin facilitated.

DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL SERVICES: Director John Taylor was the night’s spotlight guest. He has led the department since it was created four years ago “to do a better job of being a municipal government for unincorporated King County” – in which a quarter-million people live, in “a huge geographical area.” He had a variety of updates – the county’s first participatory budgeting round, which split $10 million among five areas, with decisions made by a group with representatives of each area (including 5 from White Center/North Highline). This area got about $3 million, in turn spread among about a dozen programs. “Project awards are in the process of going on right now.” (We covered the funding announcement here.) He says the newly adopted county budget has another $10 million for the next participatory-budgeting round and the county will again look for community members to get involved. “It’s an opportunity to get real money into the community.”

Other budget items of note – the Conservation Corps will continue in White Center and expand to other unincorporated areas – “removing graffiti, picking up litter … at least a couple days a week.’ Economic-development work will continue too. He noted that “community-needs lists” were used to prioritize spending this time around. Overall, he said, the unincorporated areas were dealt with more reactively than proactively, but the “needs lists” moved them toward the latter. The budget is a “good start” toward responding to many of those needs, in Taylor’s view. He sees the past and future lists a “great way” to communicate to government officials what you need from them.

Also: The Subarea Plan was about to go to the County Council for a final vote. Passage will be followed by implementation of zoning changes among other things. WC is part of an “urban growth area” and that means it needs to densify and make room for more people, he says, but he believes the plan does a good job of “keeping White Center, White Center” and minimizing displacement. If the plan has unintended consequences, “we’ll adjust – we do a good job of that.”

He then invited questions. Taylor was asked what’s up with 16th/107th, where the road is in bad shape. He advised reporting it to, which will lead to a service request and a road supervisor going out for a look. Dobkin asked about the recent Smoke Town fire (for which a suspect has been charged, as we’ve reported) and how businesses are being helped, including those damaged by last year’s fires. Economic-recovery specialist Michael Morales from the county said a special district was drawn up for that area and businesses were eligible for $60,000 grants that can be applied to expenses from related losses. He said those awards will be going out before year’s end. Regarding Smoke Town, he said county reps were there the day after the fire and are working with the store’s owner. They’ve had 58 out of about 80 eligible businesses in the area apply for the grants. They expect to have some leftover money to be “reappropriated.”

Other questions/concerns included difficulty reaching people to resolve problems, and then a specific question about three parcels “missed in the process” of rezoning – a “missed opportunity” as the attendee described it. The question was asked by a person who owns one of the parcels and spoke about it at a recent County Council meeting, And that’s who would have to take action, Taylor said, via a “line amendment.” Taylor recapped the many months over which the plan had been reviewed and said that it seems a little late in the process to get those parcels added to the plan. So he said about all the attendee could do would be continuing to push individual councilmembers in hopes that maybe one could sponsor an amendment. That led to a side discussion about how the results of the forthcoming rezoning would be monitored. And, Taylor was asked, will there be any funding for sidewalks in higher-density rezoned areas? That’s usually a requirement for developers, Taylor said, though he also noted that some. of the participatory-budgeting money went toward new sidewalks in Skyway.

Dobkin then had a concern about Code Enforcement not responding to concerns. Taylor said the county code was written a long time ago “with a property-rights focus” so it’s easy for “bad actors … to ignore us.” Their tools are generally restricted to “paltry fines.” He hopes that people will remember that in “every single one of these cases … there’s a person attached to it,” maybe a hoarder dealing with mental illness, for example.

Another question was about the new tenant at the former Taradise Café location and what kind of progress they’re making (it’s been a year since we first mentioned them). The county reps had no specifics but “we’re hopeful it’s going to be a very different experience than the community had under previous ownership.” Eric Thomas from the Liquor and Cannabis Board said its liquor license has been issued and that what he found online indicated it might open by year-end, The county reps also added that the fire-damaged deli on the west side of 16th is close to a permit for repairs.

What about the microhousing project? No new info. Anything new with a problematic hookah lounge? The LCB’s Thomas did not have an update on the investigation, The formerly closed cannabis business on 1st has reopened but with limited hours.

HOLIDAY EVENT: White Center Santa Con is coming up December 10th.

ELECTION RESULTS: Shoutout to the Evergreen High School Key Club for doorbelling 1,500 residences to campaign for the Highline Public Schools bond.

REMEMBERING STEVE COX: December 2nd marked 16 years since the deputy and North Highline community champion was killed in the line of duty.

IN-PERSON MEETINGS: Dobkin said they just can’t find a place “that works” – the North Highline Fire District HQ, former in-person meeting site, “won’t be available until after the summer.” So they’ll continue on Zoom until further notice. No January meeting, so NHUAC’s next meeting is in February, first Thursday at 7 pm as usual, February 2nd.

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WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Another armed robbery

December 4th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Crime, White Center news 1 Comment »

The White Center Dollar Tree store at 15th/100th was robbed tonight, according to a bulletin sent out by King County Sheriff’s Office to Seattle Police and announced by SPD dispatch. No other details so far except that the robber(s) got away in a dark-colored car. We’ll check with KCSO for more information in the morning.

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WHITE CENTER WEATHER: Highline Public Schools starting 2 hours late Thursday

November 30th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Highline School District, Weather, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER WEATHER: Highline Public Schools starting 2 hours late Thursday

With more snow expected overnight – and/or icy streets – Highline Public Schools has decided to start late Thursday. Here’s the full announcement:

Due to weather and road conditions, all schools are on a two-hour delay on Thursday, December 1, 2022, including Virtual Elementary and Virtual Academy. Buses will stop at regular stops–two hours later than normal.

There will be no breakfast, no morning or afternoon classes for preschool and ECEAP, and no morning classes for PSSC. Afternoon classes for PSSC will be on time. All before school programs are canceled, including clubs, activities and in-school daycare. No transportation will be provided to schools outside of our district.

Schools will dismiss at regular times.

Continue to monitor our website for updates. Please stay safe and warm.

Staff are expected to report to work as close to on time as possible. Please use your judgement on whether it is safe for you to travel to work. See an outline of expectations for employees for inclement weather on the Staff Hub.

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November 30th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Crime, King County Sheriff's Office, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Pizza holdup

12:11 AM: We don’t have full details but King County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a reported armed robbery at Little Caesar’s Pizza on 16th SW. According to an advisory broadcast on Seattle police radio, it happened around 9:30 pm. The getaway vehicle was described as a silver sedan. Apparently no injuries, as there’s no related medical callout. The bulletin suggested it might be related to a holdup earlier in Burien. We’ll be checking with KCSO in the morning.


On 11/29/2022 at 9:31 PM we received a call that a Little Caesar’s was robbed by three subjects, at least one with a gun. No shots were fired, nor were any employees injured.

Deputies responded and once arrived, were told that the subjects fled, with one of them possibly leaving in a silver vehicle.

This may be related to another Little Caesar’s in Burien that was robbed a few minutes earlier. Like the White Center incident, no shots were fired, nor was anyone injured.

The suspects in both incidents remain at large, and both cases remain active and open.

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November 29th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Weather, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER WEATHER: Snow arrives

Thanks to Gill Loring for that first photo of this morning’s snow in White Center. So far no major problems or closures reported, but more snow is expected later, and a Wind Advisory complicates things this evening. Stay safe!

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White Center Food Bank invites you to get an early start on Giving Tuesday

November 28th, 2022 Tracy Posted in How to Help, White Center Food Bank, White Center news Comments Off on White Center Food Bank invites you to get an early start on Giving Tuesday

We’re just a few hours away from the day every holiday season that nonprofits hope you’ll use to focus on giving to the organizations that nourish, cherish, support, and uplift your community. First one we’ve heard from is White Center Food Bank, which is not only continuing to carry on with its daily work of keeping people fed, but also working toward the move to its new headquarters. Here’s the WCFB announcement:

On Tuesday, November 29, the White Center Food Bank joins #GivingTuesday, a one-day global giving event dedicated to assisting non-profit organizations.

With the support of our generous donors, volunteers, and individuals of the community, WCFB provides healthy, culturally familiar food for our neighbors. Many of those within the White Center community face difficult economic conditions, leaving families and individuals in need of food resources. With the start of this holiday season, White Center Food Bank wants to extend a hand and inspire others to do the same. WCFB provides food security for our customers and their loved ones during these warm, festive times. By collaborating in this movement, you can support the WCFB and give back to your community. Let’s all participate in #GivingTuesday and continue to #KeeptheCommunityFed.

Link to donate:

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Start your December with North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s last 2022 meeting

November 27th, 2022 Tracy Posted in North Highline UAC, White Center news 3 Comments »

On the first night of December, the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council hosts its last meeting of 2022. Here’s why you’ll want to join in:

North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Meeting – Zoom meeting

When: Thursday, Dec 1, 2022 @ 7 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 2403 8714
Passcode: NHUAC2022 (Case Sensitive)

Join by Phone:
253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 830 2403 8714
Passcode: 738468041

Mark your calendars and plan on joining the discussion at NHUAC’s December 1st meeting. As noted at our November meeting, we were hoping to secure a site to end the year with an in person gathering. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate a suitable room, so for the time being we will continue to meet via zoom.

The last two years have been interesting and challenging. We would like to extend a big thanks to all who continue to sign on to the monthly meetings and stay involved in community issues. Even though we have not been together in person, we have managed to stay connected and are grateful for the support you all have shown. Our goal is to keep the community informed, involved, and to give a voice to the decisions that impact our North Highline community.

With that said, we are pleased this month to welcome the Director of the Department of Local Services, John Taylor. The Department of Local Services was established in 2018 to better meet the needs of unincorporated King County and is the “go-to agency” for the unincorporated communities. John will provide information as well as take questions regarding permitting, code enforcement, and roads, to name a few.

We are also happy to have Bong Santo Domingo, Program Manager/Community Liaison, to provide updates and information regarding community issues.

Deputy Bill Kennamer will also join us with an update from the Sheriff’s Office.

Also of note:

On Tuesday, November 22nd, the King County Council held a public hearing on the proposed 2022 update to the King County Comprehensive Plan. This followed 8 months of Council review of the plan, which includes the Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan and the North Highline Subarea Plan. The Council will consider the testimony received, and potentially take action at the December 6, 2022 meeting.

“The King County Comprehensive Plan is the guiding policy document for land use and development regulations in unincorporated King County, and for regional services throughout the County including transit, sewers, parks, trails, and open space.”

It is important to note that The North Highline Subarea Plan includes dramatic zoning increases in several of the residential North Highline Neighborhoods. NHUAC devoted several monthly meetings with county planners regarding the proposed changes. If you were not able to attend any of these informative NHUAC meetings and would like to review the plans you can find a thorough report on NHUAC’s April meeting at here.

If you would like information on the King County Council meetings, click here.

We look forward to seeing everyone – Thursday, December 1, 7 pm

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HOLIDAY HELP: Here’s how to support firefighters’ gift-giving this season

November 26th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Holidays, How to Help, White Center news Comments Off on HOLIDAY HELP: Here’s how to support firefighters’ gift-giving this season

We’re still not back to the safety level that would enable donation drives at fire stations, so here’s how you can support firefighters’ gift-giving for area families:

It’s that easy!

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FOLLOWUP: White Center Library Guild bazaar success!

November 22nd, 2022 Tracy Posted in Holidays, White Center Library, White Center news 1 Comment »

Thanks to Gill Loring for the photos – he reports the White Center Library Guild‘s Holiday Bazaar last Friday and Sunday was a success!!

Among the shoppers, Gill reports, was someone buying things to help Ukrainian refugees this holiday season.

Shoppers ranged widely in age.

And if you wonder what that room at the library looks like post-bazaar – here’s the scene after the cleanup on Monday.

The White Center Library Guild is an all-volunteer group, and its work supports programming at the library.

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Register now for Pride Family Story Time in White Center on December 4

November 21st, 2022 Tracy Posted in White Center Library, White Center news Comments Off on Register now for Pride Family Story Time in White Center on December 4

From the White Center Pride Committee and Community School of West Seattle – you’re invited to Pride Family Story Time:

White Center Library
Sunday, December 4th, 2022
11:30 am

White Center Pride invites you and the whole family to an enchanting story time at the White Center Library. With uplifting stories, songs, and surprises, your family won’t want to miss out on the fun. Our reader for the event is Sarey Savy.

Seating is limited to 50 people so please reserve your free spots at:

The event is suitable for kids newborn to age 8+. Reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities is available by request. Email at least seven days before the event.

The White Center Library is located at 1409 SW 107th Street. The library phone number is 206-243-0233.

For more information please email We can’t wait to see all your proud, smiling faces on December 4th.

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UPDATE: Fire at White Center car lot

November 19th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Fire, White Center news Comments Off on UPDATE: Fire at White Center car lot

12:21 AM: Firefighters are at what was described initially as a vehicle fire at a location on 15th SW near 106th listed on the fire lot as SK Used Cars. 15th is also blocked in the area right now as a result. We haven’t heard any detailed updates but they were calling for a fire investigator.

(WCN photo)

12:30 PM: We went by the scene a short time ago. Fire damage was in evidence, mostly involving the car in our photo above.

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CONTINUING SUNDAY: White Center Library Guild Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale

November 18th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Holidays, White Center Library, White Center news Comments Off on CONTINUING SUNDAY: White Center Library Guild Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale

From a martini-themed plate to a cuddly plush octopus …

… gift ideas for all ages can be found at the White Center Library Guild‘s Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale, in its first of two days at the library 1409 SW 107th) until 4 pm. Lots of holiday stuff too:

If you don’t get to the library today, the bazaar’s second day will be on Sunday (the library’s closed Saturday), 11 am-3 pm. Proceeds help library programs.

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WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Suspect charged in fire outside Smoke Town

November 17th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Crime, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Suspect charged in fire outside Smoke Town

A 45-year-old woman is charged with reckless burning in the September 28th fire outside Smoke Town in downtown White Center. Documents filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office allege Evie M. Hell is the person shown in security images (including the one above) as burning cardboard grew into a fire that damaged the front of the shop. When the images were circulated, at least one King County Sheriff’s Deputy recognized Hell, saying he had seen her earlier in the evening wearing the same clothes as shown in the images. The images show the person walking away as the fire continued to grow; bystanders kept it from raging out of control before firefighters arrived. According to the charging documents, Hell has an extensive criminal history; jail records show that she spent nine days in jail in February and four weeks in jail in July and August, both in connection with burglary charges. There was already a warrant for her arrest at the time of the fire; she was arrested in late October and charged with the Smoke Town fire days later. She remains in the Regional Justice Center in lieu of $40,000 bail.

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UPDATE: Shooting in 9900 block 15th SW in White Center

November 15th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Crime, White Center news 1 Comment »

2:29 PM: Deputies and medics are responding to the 9900 block of 15th SW to investigate a shooting, They’ve found one person who has at least two gunshot wounds, A “gold sedan” might be involved. 15th SW is being blocked off. More to come.

2:56 PM: The victim was reported to be conscious. Our crew at the scene says it appears to the shooting happened right outside Hung Long Market.

The response, meantime, has led to reroute advisories for Metro Route 120.

3:29 PM: Southbound 15th has reopened.

3:48 PM: And now northbound too. As for additional information about the shooting circumstances, deputies and detectives at the scene would not comment, so we have questions out to the department’s media-relations office.

5:52 PM: KCSO will tell us only that the victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, and that no one is in custody.

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White Center Library Guild Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale set for November 18 and 20

November 11th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Holidays, White Center Library, White Center news Comments Off on White Center Library Guild Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale set for November 18 and 20

Time to start holiday-season shopping! Next Friday and Sunday (November 18 and 20), the White Center Library Guild can help – with the Holiday Bazaar and Book Sale:

The library is at 1409 SW 107th.

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ELECTION 2022: School bond passing, and other notable results

November 9th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Election, White Center news 1 Comment »

After the first round of King County general-election results, here’s where local races/measures of note stand:

HIGHLINE SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPOSITION 1 (bonds for school projects including Evergreen HS rebuild)
Approve 66%
Reject 34%

Joe Nguyen* (D) 85%
John Potter (R) 15%

Emily Alvarado (D) 69%
Leah Griffin (D) 30%

Joe Fitzgibbon* (D) 82%
Andrew Pilloud (R) 18%

KING COUNTY CHARTER AMENDMENT 1 (county election-date change)
Yes 69%
No 31%

KING COUNTY PROPOSITION 1 (Conservation Futures levy)
Approve 68%
Reject 32%

The second King County ballot count is expected around 4 pm today (Wednesday).

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OPEN: The Lumber Yard Bar finally reopens in new location

November 7th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on OPEN: The Lumber Yard Bar finally reopens in new location

This is (re)opening night for the Lumber Yard Bar at its new location, 9630 16th SW, 16 months after the fire that gutted its original location and neighboring businesses. Posted hours are 4 pm to midnight Mondays-Thursdays, 4 pm-2 am Fridays, 2 pm-2 am Saturdays, and noon-midnight Sundays.

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ELECTION 2022: Vote by Tuesday!

November 6th, 2022 Tracy Posted in Election, Politics, White Center news Comments Off on ELECTION 2022: Vote by Tuesday!

If you haven’t returned your ballot yet, you’re running out of time. You need to either get it into USPS mail ASAP, so that it’s postmarked by Tuesday, or get it into a King County Elections dropbox by 8 pm (sharp!) Tuesday night – White Center has one, outside the library (1409 SW 107th).

One big local issue on the ballot is the Highline Public Schools bond measure, Proposition 1. It would raise half a billion dollars for projects including a new Evergreen High School.

Also big: An open seat in our area’s state legislative delegation. Rep. Eileen Cody is retiring; Emily Alvarado and Leah Griffin are the two finalists for Cody’s seat, 34th Legislative District House Position 1. Here are video interviews we published recently on partner site West Seattle Blog – first video below is Griffin, second is Alvarado:

Griffin and Alvarado also were at last month’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting; here’s our report.

The ballot also includes a King County charter amendment that would change elections, moving County Executive, County Councilmembers, County Assessor, and Elections Director to even-numbered years. Plus there’s a King County levy proposal, the Conservation Futures Levy.

Besides those issues, the ballot includes U.S. House, U.S. Senate, two other 34th Legislative District races, Secretary of State, King County Prosecutor, and 17 judicial positions, only two of which are contested. Two state advisory measures are on the ballot too. Not registered to vote but eligible? You can still do that in person Monday or Tuesday. But if you are already registered and waiting to fill out your ballot, don’t wait any longer!

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Money, microhousing, more @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s November meeting

November 3rd, 2022 Tracy Posted in North Highline UAC, White Center news 4 Comments »

By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

Here’s what happened at tonight’s monthly meeting of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, held online:

CRIME STATS/TRENDS: Community Deputy Bill Kennamer spoke of some “pretty ugly crime trends.” Robberies totaled 40 this time last year, 72 so far this year – “an 80 percent increase – definitely a problem.” Weapons violations are up 65 percent. “Simple assaults” (lower level of injury) are up 40 percent – from 162 to 229. Drug offenses are up 110 percent – “we are seeing less and less hypodermic needle action, but an absolute ton of fentanyl smoking going on.” He believe that’s the reason for an increase in overdoses. If you have family or friends who use drugs, get Narcan just in case. “It works. … it keeps people alive.” He said there’s “some good news on the drug front” – a special-emphasis team in the precinct did a raid yesterday that got $5.5 million in drugs off the street. He couldn’t say where but the raid was executed by “precinct-level detectives.” Deputy Kennamer said today’s garage fire was in a garage used as a residence by the adult son of the adjacent homeowner. The resident went to the hospital with smoke inhalation (that’s an update from our earlier coverage). Asked about staffing, Deputy Kennamer said what’s happening now is “a staffing crisis.” They have the openings and the funding, both Kennamer and King County Councilmember Joe McDermott agreed, they just don’t have the people applying and training to fill them.

COUNCILMEMBER McDERMOTT: He’s budget chair this year. The first vote on the proposed “striking amendment” – which will go public tomorrow, with councilmembers’ proposed changes to King County Executive Dow Constantine‘s budget proposal – is planned one week from today. First, per the previous discussion, he wanted to emphasize that King County “has NOT defunded the police.” The alternative programs it has supported/will supported are in addition to law enforcement, not instead of. “We’re doing innovative things, responding to some issues (for alternative public safety),” but not proposing cuts in law enforcement. The proposed two-year budget was almost %16 billion, he said. That includes revenues collected for a specific purpose that must be spent for a specific purpose. Property tax revenue is limited to a 1 percent increase year by year, but “even in a good year” expenses go up more than one percent, so there’s what they call “a structural gap.”

His budget priorities in general include: public safety, law-enforcement oversight, rider experience in transit, firearm safety, promoting helmet use, supporting the White Center Food Bank as it moves to its new location, affordable-housing investments, more money for participatory budgeting, Narcan availability, and more. Public comment can be given in-person or online at next Thursday’s budget meeting; the budget then goes to the full council on November 15th.

In Q&A, clarification was requested on the 1 percent cap. It’s the maximum percentage by which county revenue can go up – so just because your valuation goes up X percent doesn’t mean what you owe will go up that much – it’s a cap on what the county can collect. Why does the county rely so heavily on property taxes? McDermott explained that property and sales taxes are the main sources approved by the Legislature – even cities have more options for raising revenue. Subsequent discussion involved how much revenue was and wasn’t being spent on/in North Highline – there’s no specific breakdown by geography within the county budget, said McDermott. He also reminded everyone that while the county collects property taxes, it’s just the treasurer – only a fraction of what you pay actually goes to King County.

On other topics: Councilmember McDermott had an update on the Subarea Plan; legislation won committee approval in July, and a full-council public hearing will be at 1 pm November 22nd – online or in-person – and you can comment via email too: He talked about some refinements that are being proposed. NHUAC’s Barbara Dobkin asked about inclusionary zoning and whether it was really right for North Highline – something Seattle’s been doing for several years – and McDermott said it should lead to a greater variety of housing availability. NHUAC’s Liz Giba voiced concern that the Subarea Plan documentation had only recently appeared online but had been otherwise in existence for months. She read some criticism attributed to the White Center Community Development Association saying the process had been inadequate. Giba suggested any decisionmaking be delayed, and more outreach be done. Dobkin also alleged that the WCCDA itself didn’t reach out to all parts of the community. Permitting division head Jim Chan jumped in to say that inclusionary zoning is meant to be anti-displacement, not to lower taxes for some so others pay more. If all housing that was built was market-rate, people will be displaced. Also, he said, the Comprehensive Plan will have an Environmental Impact, and that will cover the Subarea Plan as well. Giba asked the question, is there no chance the Subarea Plan might lead to more tax-exempt housing in North Highline? McDermott said no, he couldn’t say that.

MICROHOUSING DEMONSTRATION: David Neiman Architects won an RFP process for this and plans to submit a permit application within a few weeks; a pre-application meeting already has been held. They’re asking the county how flexible it will be on a variety of standards. They need to justify anything that would deviate from code, Chan says they were told. One deviation they’ll propose: No parking for the units, Chan said. Dobkin voiced concern about more tree loss contributing to warmer temperatures. McDermott reiterated that they authorized one project to be built in a certain area – just one. He also said he’s proposing an update to the Urban Unincorporated Tree Code, as an offshoot of concerns voiced earlier this year about tree removal on lots where homes are being built. The site under consideration is 16th/102nd, Giba noted – 1619 SW 102nd, per the county website.

HOOKAH LOUNGE: A permit application to remedy a violation was submitted last week and will be reviewed, Chan said. Is the building safe? asked Giba. An enforcement person has, Chan said, and he affirmed that all safety concerns were investigated and nothing of note was found.

FORMER TARADISE CAFE: They did a walkthrough with an inspector two weeks ago, Chan said. “They still have some work they need to do with Labor and Industries – electrical – and Health,” he said, adding that the inspector advised them that more permits may be required “if they expand any further,” and electrical work/fire safety issues were discussed.

WHY NO IN-PERSON MEETINGS YET? Dobkin said they just can’t find a space, though they hope to have some sort of gathering in December somewhere.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: White Center Kiwanis is selling nuts again this year – if interested, call Scott at 206-465-9432.

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