White Center sidewalk-repair project postponed again

Announced this morning:

In Fall 2024 – King County Road Services will repair sidewalks in two areas of White Center:

SW 108th Street between 4th Avenue SW and 1st Avenue SW
26th Avenue SW between SW 106th Street/SW 107th Way and SW 112th Street

We originally planned for these repairs to occur fall 2023 and then rescheduled to spring 2024. However, due to crew availability the work has been rescheduled to fall 2024. When we know when we’ll be in your neighborhood, we’ll be back in touch.

Details about the work

Damaged sidewalks can make it challenging for people’s mobility. Sidewalks can buckle and break in part due to tree roots. To fix these sidewalks, the county also will remove trees that are causing the sidewalk to lift and crack. We will work with the Department of Natural Resources and Parks to plant replacement trees in nearby locations.

This work is part of our ongoing sidewalk repair program to improve mobility for walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers.

It is informed by our Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, plan. To find out more about our Accessibility Program, visit: Roads’ ADA Transition Plan and Accessibility Services – King County.

We know trees are an important part of the community. We will replace or exceed the canopy provided by the original trees in nearby community parks.

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