ELECTION 2024: Presidential primary ballots arriving

Ballots have started arriving via USPS mail for the March 12 presidential primary. That means you can vote as soon as you have your ballot, and while you can end it in via postal mail – no stamp required – you can also use a King County Elections dropbox, since those all opened today. Here’s the countywide map; there’s one in White Center, at the library, and you can drop your ballot there until 8 pm March 12. Be aware that the ballot includes some candidates who have withdrawn – as explained by King County Elections, the candidates listed are the ones submitted by the Democratic and Republican Parties in early January and no changes were possible after that. You will have to declare an affiliation with one of those parties to cast a ballot, and the county says that’s on the record for two months but doesn’t oblige you to vote the same way in any future election.

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