Full Tilt Ice Cream’s co-owner recovering from heart attack

(WCN photo of Justin and family last year as Full Tilt marked 15 years)

Full Tilt Ice Cream co-owner/co-founder Justin Cline is in the hospital, recovering from a heart attack. That’s what Cline’s partner Ann Magyar announced via social media on Wednesday, asking customers to bear with them:

We need to let you know that things at Full Tilt are rocky these days and you might notice some changes as we figure it all out. On February 5 our beloved ice cream man, Justin, had a heart attack. He has been in critical condition since. He is getting better, but very slowly. KCFD and North Highline FD saved his life, and now an army of incredible nurses and doctors are taking care of him. If you notice parts of the website ordering is down or we aren’t as quick to answer messages, please be patient. Justin is the heart and soul of Full Tilt, but our community is rallying and we are doing our best.

Justin and Ann opened Full Tilt in 2008. (That same year he also co-founded this website.)

ADDED: Since we published this, friends have set up a crowdfunding account to help Justin and his family get through this – here’s the link.

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2 Responses to “Full Tilt Ice Cream’s co-owner recovering from heart attack”

  1. Justin and Ann, so sorry to hear this.Sending good thoughts to you and your beautiful family. Take care.

  2. Karen Therese Says:

    Here’s the link for the GoFundMe for this fine human. He has done so much for our community. Let’s have his back now thatvhe needs us.