WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Charges filed in 2 White Center cases

From the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, word of charges in two White Center felony cases:

STOLEN-CAR CASE: 43-year-old Nicholas V. Renion is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle – a car in which police say they found him early the morning of December 19th. The owner of the Chevrolet Aveo had started it up outside his home in the 10000 block of 17th SW to warm it up; when he left it running and went inside, that’s when it was taken. He was able to track it via an Apple AirTag on his keychain, and within an hour, he and his parents found it parked in a lot in the 9000 block of Delridge Way SW. They notified Seattle Police, who responded to the scene, found Renion in the car, and arrested him. He’s been in jail ever since, bail set at $15,000. Inside the recovered car, the victim found a bag that did not belong to him, and the documents say:

Inside the bag, officers found five access devices in the names of three different people. A Keybank debit card and a Bank of America debit card were located in (one person’s name). A Seattle Credit Union card was located in (another name). A BECU debit card was located in the name of (the car’s owner).

Renion has a criminal history dating back 29 years, with prior convictions including stolen-vehicle possession, burglary, and assault, plus another auto-theft case currently pending. He’s already been in the King County Jail twice this fall, there for a total of 43 days, most recent release less than two weeks before the arrest in this case.

BURGLARY CASE: 39-year-old Nyakat R. Jean Pierre is charged with first-degree burglary for a November incident in the 400 block of SW 110th Lane. Court documents say she was visiting her boyfriend there while he in turn was visiting friends who live in the apartment; her dog jumped on one of the residents, woke him up, and she got into a fight with him. Police were called but did not make any arrests because it was determined that no crime was committed. She left the apartment, prosecutors say, but came back about an hour later, breaking through the front door to get in, and a melee ensued, with two residents of the apartment reporting injuries. All this eventually resulted in the charge that’s just been filed. She is not in custody.

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