UPDATE: Suspects arrested in gas-station mini-mart shooting; alleged shooter charged

(WCN photo, March 31st)

3:25 PM: New information today in the 15th/Roxbury gas-station mini-mart shooting we covered last Thursday night:

King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says both suspects are now in custody, arrested last weekend in Federal Way, a 26-year-old woman and 24-year-old man, both from Seattle. We don’t know how the victim – shot in the leg – is doing, but his wound was not considered life-threatening. Investigators say the man had gone to the mini-mart to buy beer and that he was shot after a man and woman tried to take it from him.

10:29 PM: Going through jail records, we’ve found one suspect’s name, and subsequent research reveals she is already charged in the case. Prosecutors allege that 26-year-old Marcy Goodnow is the one who approached the victim as he left the mini-mart last Thursday night, demanding he give her the $18 he was holding as well as the beer he had just bought. She pulled out a gun, court documents say, and the victim “swatted it away.” That’s when her male accomplice – not named in the court documents we’ve found – walked up and said something about “his woman”; she subsequently told the victim she was not kidding, and demanded the money again. He said “no,” she counted to three and shot him in the leg at close range. She and her unnamed male accomplice ran away, court documents say; she was arrested last Saturday in Federal Way for alleged robbery and assault, and two days later, a detective questioned her in connection with what’s only described as “a series of Seattle robberies and shootings.” She is in jail in lieu of half a million dollars bail and may face more charges. Prosecutors say her criminal history includes five assault convictions, two drug convictions, plus convictions on charges including auto theft, car prowl, and theft.

ADDED FRIDAY: The Seattle Times identifies the male suspect as Shane Atolio and says the two were arrested “after a 9-day crime spree.”

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