Hunger-fighters’ mega-barbecue fills Greenbridge Plaza

One more big event Tuesday night besides Night Out – thousands of people invited to the annual hunger-fighting summertime mega-barbecue at Greenbridge Plaza, with partners including the White Center Food Bank and the Vertically Integrated Partnership to End Hunger.

The menu included summer-barbecue favorites, even corn on the cob:

The partnership includes food-service companies, distributors, farmers, processors, and others collaborating to fight hunger in ways big and small – and as with the previous two years, this was definitely big, with fun as well as food:

This gets bigger every year; here’s our coverage of the first one back in July 2010.

It’s so big now, KING 5 even sent a crew Tuesday night! Here’s photojournalist Lorenzo at work:

(Here’s the online version of their story.)

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