Update: Seattle keeps North Highline as Potential Annexation Area, just in case

(NOTE: That’s the archived video of this afternoon’s meeting – below are notes as we published them during the meeting)
2:25 PM: Happening right now: Click the “play” button to watch live video of the Seattle City Council Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations Committee meeting, which will include a discussion of North Highline annexation status, and whether Seattle should retain or end the remaining unincorporated area’s status as a “potential annexation area.” Here’s the memo council staff has written about the issue, as a briefing for today’s meeting (agenda here). In the public comment period at the start of the meeting, only one person spoke about the annexation issue, North Highline Fire District Commissioner Liz Giba.

3:57 PM UPDATE: The committee is finally getting to the annexation agenda item, two hours into the meeting. City staffer Kenny Pittman is starting with a background briefing on how things have proceeded up till now. Council staffer Rebecca Herzfeld is noting that the recommendation, as per the briefing document linked above, is to leave “Area Y” designated as a potential Seattle annexation area just in case. They do suggest that a letter be sent to Burien reiterating that this does NOT mean they are changing their mind about not standing in the way of their annexation process at this point. “That sounds good to me,” said committee chair Council President Sally Clark – and, with a mention that the full council will talk about the Duwamish Triangle and Sliver by the River on March 5th, the discussion ends after barely 10 minutes.

5:34 PM: We’ve added the archived video from this afternoon’s meeting. (Again, the annexation discussion was at the very end.)

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