Heat Wave Breaks Records

Things are finally beginning to cool off.  For those of you who, like myself, have family in places that get this kind of heat all the time, you might want to send them some of these facts as culled by Cliff Mass, UW Meteorologist.

It happened…Sea Tac is now 101 and STILL CLIMBING. Everett is an amazing 98 and Renton 102. And this is not over yet. We will not only break the record but smash it. Locations near the foothills are reaching 104- 106. This is an extraordinary event. Many stations will break their all-time record temperatures today and even more their daily values. Ballads will be written about the heat experienced today. (two days ago)
I went outside before…when I walked over asphalt or concrete my face felt on fire from the combination of high air temperature plus radiation emitting from the surface. Some students in my dept measured the surface ground temps with an infrared thermometer…they found 120-150F in some locations.

there have been a number of reports of western WA temps over 110F. Here is a report from Mark Albright, research scientist at the UW:

The highest temperatures in western Washington today (29 Jul 2009) seemed to be between Portland and Olympia. Check out this map for 2009073000 UTC:

High temperatures reported today: Chehalis MS (CHHLS) reported 111F, Winlock (WINLK) 110F, and the Chehalis RAWS site reported 2 hours at 114 F

Some interesting sidenotes, New York City has experienced almost no days above 90, making it one of the coolest summers on record.   Enjoy the return of normal weather.


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