Camp Fire USA: Time to sign up!

Disclosure, I was a Blue Bird, which is what a young Camp Fire member used to be called, back when dinosaurs walked the earth. So I’ve got nostalgic warmth for the Camp Fire USA organization, which was Camp Fire Girls way back then, but welcomes boys as well as girls these days. Here’s the announcement that registration is under way in our area:

Camp Fire USA is beginning registration for group programs and Community Family Clubs for the fall of 2008.

Camp Fire USA invites youth (age 3 and older) and families to participate in programs that help youth develop leadership, explore creativity, practice respect for the environment and practice inclusivity. The curriculum for school-aged youth is age/grade-appropriate and coordinates directly with state and federal academic requirements including the McCrel requirements for math. Groups can be co-educational or all boys or all girls. Groups meet at a schedule they determine.

For pre-school aged youth the program, Little Stars, helps get children ready for kindergarten and starts teaching children leadership and school readiness from the beginning. Even starting at age 3 children can help teach other children, pass out treats, help clean up and get others to do so too. Leadership starts with expressing an idea and rallying support for it as well as helping to plan and evaluate activities. Their activities and curriculum are age-appropriate. Support of early learning is a high priority for Camp Fire USA. Again, groups can be co-educational or all boys or all girls.

For families, Camp Fire USA offers Community Family Clubs. Groups of families, neighbors, co-workers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, partners (whatever family is to you), get together once or twice a month, share a meal and participate in an activity together. Again, the entire curriculum is age- appropriate and individual groups choose their areas of interest. One of our Community Family Clubs is parents who have all adopted Chinese children and they focus on activities that help their children preserve their Chinese heritage. The focus of another group is environmental projects. Yet another holds their Community Family Club activities around the fact that they’re all on the same soccer team and another Somali Community Family Club uses Camp Fire USA programs and activities to help their children do well in school. The activities are very flexible and accommodate all situations.

Special needs children are also most welcome in all Camp Fire USA programs.

For more information, please look for one of our Program Guides in local schools and community service organizations around town or call the office (1-800-451 CAMP [2267] ) and we’ll gladly mail one to you. You’re also welcome to browse our website, for more information.

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