Des Moines elementary school closed because of flu concern

May 1st, 2009 Tracy Posted in Health, swine flu Comments Off

King County’s public health director has just finished what’s becoming a daily briefing on the swine flu situation. Dr. David Fleming said one more probable case has been diagnosed, a 9-year-old student at Midway Elementary in Des Moines, which is being closed for a week as a precaution. Otherwise, he said that this flu so far is progressing somewhat like “regular” flu does every season, with differing degrees of severity.

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3 cases of “probable” swine flu announced by King County health authorities

April 29th, 2009 Tracy Posted in Health, swine flu Comments Off

All three are in Seattle, though so far we haven’t heard any location more specific than the fact that one of the patients attends school at Madrona. Here’s the official King County news release.

ADDED 9:48 PM: Just talked to James Apa with King County Public Health. Beyond the information about the child, which they provided because of the school aspect of the story, he says they are not going “lower than city level” in terms of descriptive information about the two patients – trying to balance privacy with public information. So for now, unless the two patients or someone close to them decides to independently inform a media outlet, there is no info publicly available on where they are from.

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